This Valentine’s Day, Give the Perfect Plant for Their Personality


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and as usual, lovers may look to celebrate by gifting their significant others with a special little something to show they care.

Chocolates are a classic, as are flowers; but the wasteful nature (not to mention the obscene cost) of flowers on Valentine’s Day has deterred buyers in recent years, and has forced them to get a little more creative in their gifts.

In 2021, we’re encouraging indoor plants as a thoughtful alternative to bouquets of blooms. Impressing a similar effect in the home of the recipient, plants are significantly more sustainable and will continue to grow with your love. Cue the ‘aww’s.

Monsteras are popular and so are fiddle leaf figs, but those hoping to make a lasting impact would do well go choose a plant that’s perfect for their personality. Alan Chan, plant oracle and influencer running the @Plant.Jungle Instagram account, wants to help you find your soil mate.

Below, he shares the ideal plant for a number of personality types.

For the Extroverts

Philodendron Brasil

This plant is always the life of the party! They love to display their bright, vibrant leaves and are fast growers. Commonly found in nurseries and grower’s markets, you can’t miss them.

Nepenthes (Pitcher Plant)

Nepenthes are the oddballs of the plant world. These carnivorous plants show off their creativity and quirkiness through their pitcher-shaped leaves (which collect water) and they thrive on attention.

The Introverts

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Orchids peacefully spend most of their time with just their unassuming leaves, and are quite happy to be left alone. However, once they bloom they show their full personality with delicate flowers that can last months.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

One of the most delicate indoor plants, fiddle leaf figs are exceptionally sensitive to changes around them, and do best by themselves in a well-lit room.

The Intuitives

Pilea peperomioides

I refer to pilea peperomioides (the Chinese money plant) as the plant of possibilities. Treat them well and they will continue to multiply, leaving you with plenty of plant babies to share around.


Hoya vines may not look like much, but they are brimming with potential, and are always working hard to produce their unique, star-shaped flowers. Hoya plants need long-term love and attention, with plant parents waiting up to five years to see the first flowers blossom.


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The Sensors

Prayer Plant

Prayer plants are constantly aware of what’s going on around them. Their leaves will shift gradually throughout the day to take in maximum light, before finally closing up once the sun has set. Perfect for quiet, sensitive friends and lovers.

Devil’s Ivy

A very adaptable plant, the Devil’s Ivy is able to make the most of its surrounds and will just as happily grow in a jar of water in the bathroom as it would in a bright spot outdoors. Another fast-grower, this one is easy to propagate and share around with friends.

The Thinkers


There is no plant that is more ‘no-nonsense’ than a Sansevieria (also known as the snake plant or mother in law’s tongue). They aren’t about the tiny details, but focus on the big picture with their ‘straight to the point’ growth. Even better, they’re a set-and-forget plant that requires little care.

Tillandsia (Air Plant)

Air plants don’t care about fancy fertilisers or premium soil mixes. These tiny plants are all about minimalism – surviving almost entirely on the air around them.

The Feelers

Aloe Vera

Helpful is Aloe Vera’s middle name! Whether it’s last week’s sunburn or for brightening up a windowsill, Aloe just wants to be there for you. Return the favour and gift this to the partner who’s always there to pick you up when you need a boost.

Maiden Hair Fern

Maiden Hairs are hyper-sensitive to their surrounds, are the first to show you when they’re not happy. Treat them well with water and sunshine and they will reward you with bright playful fronds. We wouldn’t recommend this plant as a symbol of your love. They’re tricky to keep alive at the best of times and we’d hate for you to experience a love fern dilemma a la How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.

The Judgers

Bird of Paradise

A grand and confident grower, Bird of Paradise have stunning flowers. They need their space though, as their strong stems can overtake smaller, more delicate plants.


Bromeliad leaves grow in a steady, organised spiral, and come in a myriad of vibrant colours. Once established, they become stoic and super resilient. Here for a good time AND a long time.

The Perceivers

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are laid-back and adaptable as house plants. They are tolerant of you forgetting to water them and will reward your forgetfulness with beautiful, lush foliage when you finally remember.

Monstera deliciosa

Monsteras have survived decades of changing trends. They are flexible to a wide range of conditions and grow large and unruly, spontaneously throwing their iconic leaves in all directions.


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Alan Chan has teamed up with plant-powered meal delivery service Soulara to give advice on how best to take care of a new plant or to help you find your ultimate ‘soil mate’. Simply email [email protected] with more questions for Alan or jump on Instagram @livesoulara on February 13 to submit your questions.

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