A Pink Full Moon Is Occurring Tomorrow — When to See It and What Does It Mean?

Super Moon

There’s a pink moon on its way tomorrow, April 8, and Australian’s will have a great vantage point to view the rare phenomenon.

But despite the name, it doesn’t mean the moon will actually look pink. According to 10 Daily, this is a nickname that dates back to folklore in the United States and refers to pink flowers that bloom in April.

A pink moon is also often called a supermoon, which the Sydney Observatory describes as “a Full Moon that occurs very close in time to when the Moon is closest in distance to Earth during its elliptical orbit about our planet. The actual definition is unclear and almost completely arbitrary.”

According to Dr. Andrew Jacob at the Sydney Observatory, this is the supermoon to watch due to its proximity to Earth.

“On Wednesday, April 8 at 4:09am the Moon is at its closest to Earth, called perigee, at just 356,907km from Earth. And this is its closest perigee for the year — so this is the best supermoon for the year,” Jacob wrote on the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences website.

“Just a few hours later, at 12:35pm the Moon is Full (and now 357,030km away). Later on the same day, for Australia, when the Moon rises (at 18:06pm for Sydney) it may look spectacular.”

Most Aussie’s should be able to see the moon from their backyards, as long as there aren’t any clouds in the way. But, despite being close to the Earth, the moon won’t actually look bigger, just brighter.

“Compared to a normal full moon it will be about 15 per cent brighter,” Dr Jamie Stevens, senior systems scientist at the Australia Telescope Compact Array, told 10 Daily.

“Shadows might be a bit sharper on the ground and you might be able to get easier visibility, but if you looked up at the moon you wouldn’t be able to say it’s definitely larger.”

To find out what time is best for moon-watching in your area, 7 News has compiled a helpful timetable of corresponding times for all states and territories.

What does the pink moon mean in astrological terms?

This pink full moon is taking place in Libra, which is the sign of balance. According to The AstroTwins, Libran energy will be in abundance at the moment.

“The spirit of cooperation is in the air — at a time when the world has no choice BUT to work together in the name of global health,” their website reads.

The AstroTwins recommend embracing the energy of the Libra pink full moon to do some of the following:

Engage in peaceful communication

“If you find yourself locking horns with loved ones regularly, the 2020 Libra full moon is the time to learn the fine art of anger management,” The AstroTwins say.

“Rise above a power struggle and search for common ground.”

Take a leaf out of Libra’s book and approach conversations with loved ones from a place of compassion, rather than digging in you heels.

Define relationships in your life

According to The AstroTwins, Libra is the halfway point where the energy turns from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

“Near the 2020 Libra full moon, you may feel dissatisfied by relationships that aren’t reflecting your values, whether they’re dating situations to professional collaborations.”

So, harness this energy to make a change if things aren’t feeling right and hash out how you can keep moving forward with relationships at home and at work.

Strive for balance

The Libra full moon (and quarantine!) is a great time to go within and check whether things in your life are balanced, including your diet, home and habits.

“Has your once-calm oasis turned into a noisy, cluttered hub? Tear a page from organizational savant (and surprise, surprise, Libra) Marie Kondo’s tidying bible and bring some serenity back to your sanctuary,” The AstroTwins say.

“In your diet: Have you been going too heavy on the stimulants like caffeine or burning it up with spicy foods?

“At work: Many of us function on stress and adrenaline at our jobs. Where can you be more awake, conscious and calm around your finances and work?”

According to Dr. Stevens, there will be six supermoons this year.

“Three of them when they are full moons and three of them happen when they are new moons,” he told 10 Daily.

So, while this isn’t the last of the year, it’ll definitely be the best one to watch!

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