Support the Work of Beyond Blue By Purchasing This Natural Deodorant

From March to November 2020, mental health support service Beyond Blue experienced a 43% increase in calls compared to the same time the previous year. The uncertainty of this year, coupled with job losses, financial instability and isolation, has affected the mental health of many people.

In order to support the work of Beyond Blue, natural deodorant brand No Pong has created a limited-edition Christmas fragrance — aptly named Secret Scenta — and $1 from every tin sold will be donated to the mental health organisation.

The co-founders of No Pong, Chris Caley and Melanie McVean, were moved to support Beyond Blue thanks to a friend’s personal experience with the challenges of mental health.

“When we to spoke to people about mental health and wellness, everyone we spoke to had a story of people around them that have been significantly affected this year. It was like pulling on a thread that unravels the whole cardigan, and we realised the scale of this was just massive,” Caley said.

No Pong

According to McVean, the fragrance of this deodorant was designed specifically to create a sense of happiness and wellbeing, which is in line with the work of Beyond Blue. This festive fragrance was created to involve imagery of wildflowers.

“Smell is one of our most sensitive senses. It connects straight to our emotions and memories and can lift us up,” said McVean. “With the uncertainty of this year, we designed this new fragrance with this psychological process in mind to help generate positive emotions. The fragrance was inspired by the idea of walking through a field of wildflowers, where you can stop and ‘smell the flowers’ everywhere you go.”

The limited-edition deodorant has been created with a new low bicarb formula, making it gentle enough for those with sensitive skin. The product is 100% vegan and has the same silky smooth texture that lovers of No Pong have come to expect. The never-to-be-seen-again Santa packaging of the product makes it the perfect gift to add to stockings or a Kris Kringle gift.

“Every dollar of this generous donation will go to the Beyond Blue Support Service, which is staffed by mental health professionals who can provide free counselling, advice and referrals over the phone or via webchat and email 24/7,” said Georgie Harman, Beyond Blue’s CEO.

No Pong’s Secret Scenta 2020 is $7.95, with $1 donated straight to Beyond Blue. You can purchase your limited-edition deodorant via the No Pong website. If you have the means, consider also making a donation directly to Beyond Blue.

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