Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ Is Being Reissued With 70 Unreleased Tracks for Its 30th Anniversary

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It’s crazy to think that it’s been 30 years since Nirvana released its seminal album Nevermind, but somehow, that is exactly where we are at.

In honour of the 30th anniversary of one of the most important grunge records ever to be released, the album is getting the reissue treatment and will feature a huge 70 previously unreleased tracks taken from four classic live shows.

The live gigs include: Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands (recorded and filmed on November 25, 1991, at the Paradiso); Live in Del Mar, California (recorded on December 28, 1991, at the Pat O’Brien Pavilion at the Del Mar Fairgrounds); Live in Melbourne, Australia for triple j (recorded February 1, 1992, at The Palace in St. Kilda); and Live in Tokyo, Japan (recorded at the Nakano Sunplaza on February 19, 1992).

The reissue will also see Nevermind remastered from the original half-inch stereo analog tapes to high-resolution 192kHz 24-bit.

Even though the album that brought us ‘Come As You Are’ and ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ was officially released on September 24, 1991, the reissue won’t be available until November 12. The record will be available in a variety of formats when it is released.

The vinyl version will come with a seven-inch single with Nevermind’s “secret song” ‘Endless, Nameless’ while both super deluxe box sets also contain a 40-page hardcover book with unreleased photos.

Nevermind has sold over 30 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time, with one of the most instantly recognisable album covers in history.

That cover, which features a baby in a pool grabbing for a dollar bill on a fish hook, recently made headlines once again as the baby — a now 30-year-old Spencer Elden — is suing the band, claiming that he was exploited and that the cover image is pornography.

Elden has filed a federal lawsuit against Kurt Cobain’s estate and his widow Courtney Love, along with Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, bassist Krist Novoselic and several others, claiming that they all, in addition to Geffen Records, profited from his naked image, accusing them of “commercial child sexual exploitation of him from while he was a minor to the present day.”

He now seeks USD $150,000 from each of the 15 defendants and has requested that the case goes before a jury, with his legal team issuing a statement saying that it comes down to the issue of consent, which he never gave.

Check out the track-listing for the deluxe reissue of Nevermind below.

Nevermind 30th Tracklist

LP 1 – Nevermind (Original Album Remastered)

A1. Smells Like Teen Spirit

A2. In Bloom

A3. Come As You Are

A4. Breed

A5. Lithium

A6. Polly

B1. Territorial Pissings

B2. Drain You

B3. Lounge Act

B4. Stay Away

B5. On A Plain

B6. Something In The Way

LP 2 – Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Paradiso, November 25, 1991)

A1. Drain You*

A2. Aneurysm*

A3. School

A4. Floyd The Barber*

B1. Smells Like Teen Spirit*

B2. About A Girl*

B3. Polly*

B4. Lithium

LP 3 – Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Paradiso, November 25, 1991) (continued)

A1. Sliver*

A2. Breed

A3. Come As You Are*

A4. Been A Son

A5. Negative Creep*

B1. On A Plain*

B2. Blew

B3. Love Buzz*

B4. Territorial Pissings*

LP 4 – Live in Del Mar, California (Pat O’Brien Pavilion, Del Mar Fairgrounds, December 28, 1991)

A1. Drain You

A2. Aneurysm

A3. School*

A4. Floyd The Barber*

A5. Smells Like Teen Spirit

A6. About A Girl*

B1. Polly

B2. Sliver

B3. Breed*

B4. Come As You Are*

B5. Lithium*

B6. Territorial Pissings*

LP 5 – Live in Melbourne, Australia for triple j (The Palace, St. Kilda, February 1, 1992)*

A1. Aneurysm

A2. Drain You

A3. School

A4. Sliver

B1. About A Girl

B2. Come As You Are

B3. Lithium

B4. Breed

B5. Polly

LP 6 – Live in Melbourne, Australia for triple j (The Palace, St. Kilda, February 1, 1992)* (continued)

A1. Lounge Act

A2. In Bloom

A3. Love Buzz

A4. Smells Like Teen Spirit

B1. Feedback Jam

B2. Negative Creep

B3. On A Plain

B4. Blew

LP 7 – Live in Tokyo, Japan (Nakano Sunplaza, February 19, 1992)*

A1. Negative Creep

A2. Been A Son

A3. On A Plain

A4. Blew

A5. Come As You Are

B1. Lithium

B2. Breed

B3. Sliver

B4. Drain You

LP 8 – Live in Tokyo, Japan (Nakano Sunplaza, February 19, 1992)* (continued)

A1. About A Girl

A2. School

A3. Aneurysm

A4. Love Buzz

B1. Polly

B2. Territorial Pissings

B3. Smells Like Teen Spirit


A1. Endless, Nameless

B1. Even In His Youth

B2. Aneurysm

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