How to Set Your Intentions With the New Moon

A new moon occurs approximately once every month, with the most recent new moon taking place on November 15 and involves the moon and the sun coming into alignment.

While the new moon isn’t visible to the naked eye, it does bring with it the beginning of a new lunar cycle and offers you the opportunity to use this energy for goal-setting.

The moon itself has eight phases, and the fifth phase a.k.a the full moon is arguably the most well known. But, with the new moon being the first phase, it gives you the unique opportunity to make changes in tandem with the moon.

According to breathwork teacher and author, Ashley Neese, the new moon is considered a growth phase and as such makes it an ideal time “to start fresh, call in intentions, and set the tone for the next cycle.”

Creating rituals around the new moon allows you to manifest and initiate change in your life. Harnessing the energy and power of the new moon will help further propel you in whatever area of life you choose. You can literally work on improving any area, be it work and your career, your health or your relationships. And this is how to do it.

Clear your clutter

In order to set your intentions with the energy of the new moon, there are a few things you need to do. Starting off, you need to let go of all the clutter that has built up over the last few weeks. Astrologer Natalie Walstein says that the days before the new moon is when you should be letting go and cleaning your space. Treat this time as a mini spring clean and really get rid of anything that is weighing you down and clear your space of dust.

Create a sacred space

Once your space is clean and tidy, it’s time to create an area where you can perform your ritual. This might include a corner of your home or a desk where you have crystals, plants and sage. Light a few candles, pop some essential oils in your burner — whatever makes you feel happy and find somewhere comfortable to sit.

Grab your journal

Keeping a new moon journal is helpful to jot all of your feelings down every month. To begin, Walstein recommends taking a few minutes to reflect on the last few weeks and ask yourself a few questions.

These questions might include the following: What has made you happy recently? What has caused you anxiety? Were there any problems in relationships or in your career? Jot down a few answers to these questions including anything that is bothering you, or things that have been continually swirling around in your mind. Get them out onto the paper and you should be left with a slightly calmer mind.

Next, start thinking about what you’d like to achieve in the next few weeks or months. What you’d like to manifest in your life. Neese suggests listing no more than 10 items on your page and remember, the sky is the limit. Get as bold as you want with your manifestations.

All of these items should be written in positive language, for example, “I am” not “I want” or “I need”. Focus on what you want and try to limit writing down what you don’t want. You want all of the new moon energy to really target those things you are working towards not the things you are trying to have less.

Before jotting them down, t’s also helpful to get in touch with how each item on your list feels. Neese recommends spending a bit of time feeling into each thing you have written and if it doesn’t resonate with you 100%, take it off your list.

“Part of this practice is learning to feel as if you already have what you want, this is basic Law of Attraction, if you can feel it with your entire body it will be more likely to come into reality,” she wrote.

New moon meditation

After you’ve written your list of things you want to manifest, spend 10 to 15 minutes meditating on these items. Allow yourself to really focus on the “what” rather than thinking of how you’re going to make these happen, which according to Walstein is best kept for the first quarter moon.

“I close my journal and silently declare to myself that my dreams are already on the way,” Walstein wrote. “I don’t necessarily rush into planning mode just yet… that will come later. for now, I allow myself the time to simply percolate on the “what”. The moon is still dark, so the practical, outward steps may not be ready to present themselves quite yet.”

Setting intentions might differ from person to person but following a routine similar to this one allows you to hone in on what changes you like to create in your life. It can be a time-consuming process in the beginning but once you’re tapped into what you’d like your life to look like, it becomes a little easier.

To follow the pattern of the new moon and when it’s going to occur, keep an eye on websites like space.com, which track this sort of thing. The next new moon is due to take place on December 14.

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