This Natural Silk Exfoliator Is the Way Forward for Prepping Skin Pre-Fake Tan

My Glow 2

Prepping your skin before applying fake tan requires a few tools in order to achieve a flawless and natural-looking tan. Without taking the time to properly exfoliate and moisturise your skin before applying tanning products, it can end up looking patchy and streaky.

If you’re new to the ritual of Hammam, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. The Turkish Hammam is one of the oldest cleansing rituals in the world and dates back to the Ottoman Empire. This ancient custom smooths dry skin, removes fake tan and can help fade scarring and stretch marks with regular use.

After a trip to Turkey and an encounter with an elderly lady in the markets of Istanbul, Catie O’Neill and Olivia Burrows were inspired to create My Glow 2 — a beauty tool that harnesses the benefits of Hammam.

“The My Glow 2 glove is a silk kese mitt that originates from the ancient Turkish bathing ritual, Hammam,” O’Neill and Burrows told The Latch. “It is an integral part of this transformative experience as it offers a deep exfoliation to cleanse and purify the skin.

“Handcrafted from finely woven 100% pure silk, the My Glow 2 glove is weaved using the traditional Turkish method that interlocks the thread of the fabric.”


Where traditional gloves are usually made from fabrics like rayon or polyester, the My Glow 2 is made from silk and as such, eliminates the need to use any products with the glove. This means forgoing all cleansers or soaps when using the glove, as the silk is able to do all the work by itself.

And when we say work, we mean it. When you use the My Glow 2, you can expect to see your skin roll away as the glove deeply exfoliates to leave smooth looking skin on your body.

“The glove will visibly peel away dead skin in rolls on the surface of the body,” said O’Neill and Burrows. “The amount of visible peeling will be dependent on the condition of the skin. For example, if you have dry skin you will peel more compared to someone who doesn’t, and the person’s skin type.”

“When the fibres of the fabric are wet, they swell to form a tight grip that catches, lifts and visibly rolls away layers of dead skin. This level of deep exfoliation is not only used to remove dry skin it also assists to manage the oils on the body, unclog the pores, prevent breakouts, remove and prevent Keratosis Pilaris, stimulate collagen production, repair and even out skin tone and prevent ingrown hairs.”


The My Glow 2 glove generally lasts six to eight weeks and should be used one to three times a week in order to see optimal results. If kept in a completely dry environment (out of the shower or bathroom), the lifespan can be prolonged for several more weeks. To get the most out of this handy tool, here are the do’s and don’ts of using the silk glove.

The do’s of the My Glow 2

— Soak the skin from a minimum of five to 10 minutes in a bath or shower. Ensure the body is warm and soft to touch prior to scrubbing.

— Only use water with the glove, no oils or soaps are required.

— Ensure the skin is damp, not overly wet.

— Allow the dead skin rolls to build up as you are scrubbing as this creates a snowball effect and assists to lift off more skin.

— Start scrubbing from the driest area of the body first. For example, lower legs or back of arms.

— Scrub in long upwards or sideways motions.

— To clean, hand wash with a natural soap and ensure the glove is left to dry in a clean, dry area.

The don’ts of My Glow 2:

— Scrub under running water. The glove requires friction in order to grab onto the dead skin and massage it away.

— Use any soaps or oils, this will interrupt the friction.

— Over exfoliate! Depending on your skin type, one to three times a week is sufficient.

— Get worried if your skin turns pink or red — this is normal.

— Aggressively scrub over the same spot to cause irritation.

— Scrub over active acne, open scars or burns.

Shop the My Glow 2 Glove for $34.95 via the My Glow 2 website.

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