“It Accidentally Became an Advantage” — How Tay and Ari Scored 2023’s ‘Big Brother’ Win

Big Brother's Tay and Ari

In a battle that will go down in the history books, Tay and Ari Wilcoxson have won this year’s Big Brother finale. Against all the odds, these sisters beat 18 other contestants, the drama, and the heartbreak to walk away with $100,000. They are the first pair ever to play as a single contestant and then take home the win.

According to Tay and Ari, they didn’t think playing as a single contestant would give them an advantage — quite the opposite, actually.

“We did think it was going to be a disadvantage, just being two people. We thought we would be seen as a threat,” Tay said in a phone interview with The Latch. But, during the game, we really did realise that being a duo did have its advantages.” 

“We could get around double the amount of people and maintain different relationships,” Ari added. “We got along with different kinds of people in the house.” 

“It accidentally became an advantage,” Ari said. “We didn’t go into the house with a game plan, it just happened like that.”

This meant that when Tay and Ari were announced the winners of the Big Brother finale, they were super surprised.


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“I think we had our fair share of drama, and not just in the house,” Ari explained. “So we didn’t really know which way it was gonna go.”

However, a win is a win. And in this case, a win is worth $100,000. But what is this pair going to do with this money? Well, they’re going to invest it into creating an exciting swimwear line, and to go travelling.

“Definitely Japan,” Ari said. “We really want to go snowboarding in Japan. So that’s definitely the first destination that we’re going to.”

Tay and Ari’s Big Brother Journey

From the beginning of the Big Brother adventure, Tay and Ari appreciated having one another there with them. They appreciated the strengths that the other brought to this comp.

“Taylor’s really genuine,” Ari said. “Very straightforward as well. You know that she’s someone who won’t hide anything behind your back. She was quite openly telling people who they were and didn’t really lie to anyone.”

“Ari is real,” Tay said. “Her goofiness and her personality are very valuable. All of this was shown on TV.”

Tay then addressed her sister and said, “And I also think that you’re kind.”

What’s more, both Tay and Ari really enjoyed the energy of Big Brother’s finale night. They found the whole experience to be a blast.


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“The funny thing about the finale was that in the breaks, everyone would snack and have little conversations,” Ari said. “But we couldn’t really mingle with the other contestants. So we would just talk to each other, across the space, while trying not to give too much away.”

“On our breaks, we would just talk with Louis and Mineé Marx. All four of us were like, ‘Oh my God. Can you believe that? She said that?’ It was a really good bunch of people.”

Speaking of a good bunch of people, after the finale aired, a whack of the Big Brother contestants got in contact with Tay and Ari.

“Pretty much every single person said congrats,” Tay said. “We have a cool group chat that we all keep in contact with each other. So everybody was like, ‘Congratulations!’ That felt really nice.”

Tay and Ari’s Brilliant Big Brother Advice

If it’s your dream to go on Big Brother, then Tay and Ari have one piece of advice. That advice being: Be genuine. 

“Just be yourself and be as genuine as possible,” Tay explained. That’s what we did, and we won. Just create some really cool connections and don’t go there with too much strategy.” 

If you want to relive Tay and Ari’s Big Brother win, you can do so on the 7 Plus app.

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