I Tried Monday Haircare and Honestly, the Hype Is Justified

Monday Haircare

Since New Zealand brand Monday Haircare landed in Australia, it can’t stay on supermarket shelves. The shampoo and conditioner range is stocked at Coles but has sold out in many stores and online numerous times.

The fanfare around the Monday range has quickly turned it into a cult product that consumers are rushing to try — and for good reason. Housed in an aesthetically pleasing pink bottle, Monday promises salon-quality results at a supermarket price, costing only $10 for 350mL and $20 for 800mL. And after trying it myself, it definitely delivers.

There are four varieties of Monday Shampoo and Conditioner to choose from — Smooth, Volume, Repair and Sensitive — and given my thick, coarse and frizzy hair, I went with the Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. Filled with artichoke extract, coconut fruit extract and shea butter, the Smooth products aim to hydrate dry hair, form a protective shield on hair cuticles and leave your locks feeling smooth and shiny.

After reading many rave reviews online, I was super excited to try the products. My first impression after pumping out some of the Smooth Shampoo was the subtle scent. It is slightly sweet but pleasant and not at all overwhelming.

The second thing I noticed was how easily the shampoo foamed up in my hair — a quality I truly appreciate in a shampoo. When shampooing twice (which you should be doing!) with other products, the first shampoo is rarely foamy. But, the Monday Smooth Shampoo foamed up nicely and felt like it gave my hair a deep clean.

Onto the conditioner and I was similarly pleased with the results. The conditioner has the same lovely, subtle smell and works into the hair easily. The best part about this product was that it also washed out easily and didn’t make my hair heavy post-shower, which is always a real risk when trying a new conditioner.

After letting my hair air dry, I straightened it to see how it would look after being heat styled post-wash. And, my hair looked healthy, shiny and it felt super hydrated. Basically, I was ready to step into a shampoo ad with my bouncy locks.

Following my positive experience, I asked my sister to use the products in order to see how she would fare. She has short, fine hair  — the complete opposite to me — and she found the Monday Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner worked for her hair type as well. Her hair was soft and shiny post-wash and she also commented on how light it felt, with truly no conditioner residue left.

After telling a friend about Monday, she also purchased the products and had a similarly positive experience. Considering that a 350ml bottle costs $10 from Coles, the results are ridiculously good.

It’s not just me who has enjoyed the Monday experience either. A quick scroll through the Monday Haircare Facebook page shows a number of positive reviews left in the form of Facebook comments.

“Loving this product! My hair looks and feels so much better! I’m using the Smooth range and won’t look back!!! Thank you for bringing out a fabulous line,” Roberta Zganec wrote.

Another Monday fan by the name of Setaita Siufanga switched from salon haircare products to Monday, writing “I was going to invest in Kerastase again because that’s the best I had tried. But I gave this a go and wow!! This stuff is awesome! Since I started using it, I noticed my hair is easier to brush and less knotty. My natural curl is holding better and my roots aren’t oily after a day like it normally is.”

Monday Haircare is currently sold out in many Coles stores across the country but you can still get their hands on it online via the Kristin Fisher Eyebrows website. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for stock updates on the Monday Facebook page.

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