Update Your Underwear Drawer With Modibodi’s Limited-Edition Range of Coloured Period Undies

Period undies are a pretty life-changing invention — especially for those who are environmentally conscious and prefer to steer clear of single-use period products. And, if you’re a period underwear fan, chances are you’re already rocking your black and beige Modibodi briefs each month.

But, for those who like to show their bright personality via their underwear choice and haven’t been able to do so as yet with their period brief, we have some great news — now is your time to shine.

Aussie brand Modibodi has added four new bright colours to its range of reusable period and leak-proof underwear, in the shades Morocco (a rich orange-red), Sage (a subtle green), Tuscan (a sunshiney yellow) and Blueberry (an ocean-coloured blue). And, these rainbow shades have launched just in time for summer.

Crafted with the same super-slim Modifier Technology that can hold up to 20ml (or four tampons worth!), these coloured undies have three layers that absorb fluid and keep you protected and feeling secure — which is a must for period undies!


These limited-edition colours are available while stocks last, so if a particular colour takes your fancy, snap it up ASAP! Across the range of limited-edition colour styles, sizes are available in 06-26 and cover all of Modibodi’s key absorbencies — light-moderate, moderate-heavy and heavy-overnight.

The colour range is also available in three of Modibodi’s best-selling styles — The Classic Bikini, the Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini and the Classic Full-Brief — so everyone’s size, colour and style preferences are bound to be covered.

The new range is available via the Modibodi website, with prices starting at $27. Get in quick so you don’t miss out on grabbing your own coloured briefs, which you can rock long after summer is over.

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