This Month’s Mercury Retrograde Will Be a Little Easier on Us

Cancer Star Sign

Chaotic communication, exes sliding into your DMs and the failure of technology are common hallmarks of Mercury retrograde.

Thankfully, this Mercury retrograde, which begins today, June 17 and ends on July 12, is going to be a touch easier thanks to it taking place in Cancer — the star sign known for its sensitivity, loyalty and love of home.

As Mercury is retrograding in Cancer, this could bring a lot of repressed feelings up and give you the opportunity to find some release.

“Instead of sweeping things under the rug, try rearranging the ‘furniture’ to make your space a more comfortable, equitable safety zone for everyone,” the AstroTwins recommend.

According to the AstroTwins, this is also a good time to right wrongs as “retrogrades are crucial cycles for reparations; a time that allows us to clean up the past.”

Use this energy to mend any fences that might be broken between you and your loved ones as they should also be feeling open to reconnecting thanks to the empathy of Cancer.

While it might be a little easier, on the whole, this retrograde, Mercury is still going backwards so misunderstandings are common during this time. So, be careful about how you give and receive information over the next three weeks.

The family-orientated vibe of Cancer will also have us paying more attention to our communities, according to Allure. While we’ve been turning inwards over the last few weeks in order to recognise our privilege, it’s a good time to double down on your self-education about systematic racism and how you can stop participating in the system that holds BIPOC down.

The coronavirus-induced lockdown presented an opportunity for us to go inwards and re-examine our lives. A few months on, as restrictions ease, Mercury retrograde in Cancer gives us another way to reconnect and focus on the Black Lives Matter movement happening in our own backyard.

And as with every Mercury retrograde, triple check who you’re messaging or emailing before you press send!

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