How Masturbation Can Help With a Better Night’s Sleep

Wank Masturbation Better Sleep

After a long, tiring day (so, any day in 2020), there’s nothing better than jumping into bed and falling asleep. There are countless ways we try to drift off. We’ve all got a tried and tested method, even those of us who find it harder than others.

Some people find counting sheep works for them. Others are fans of listening to a podcast, white noise, or even pink noise. Meditation is the method of choice for some, helping some get their seven to nine hours of recommended sleep.

But the real key to getting your best night of sleep yet? Well, that’d be a good old-fashioned wank.

Why masturbation?

Well, who are we to discourage you from a fun time getting down and dirty with yourself? However, in terms of sleep, a 2019 study actually found that orgasms achieved through masturbation were associated with better sleep quality and latency. Not only are you sleeping better, but you’re also falling asleep faster!

Other research found that those who incorporate masturbation into their nighttime routine experience better sleep. Dr Chris Donaghue, an expert on sex (now there’s a job title), says sex and masturbation can even help overcome insomnia and anxiety.

“[It] releases oxytocin and endorphins, it can help people feel calm and experience less stress.”

How should I masturbate?

That’s one thing you can choose for yourself, however, Dr Donaghue says, “using sex toys can help a person achieve orgasm before sleep more quickly and effectively”.

If you have a vulva and you’re looking for something to help you on your way, we can recommend Par Femme or the Womanizer (it’s Lily Allen approved). For those with penises looking to shake up their routine, Womanizer is launching a new product just for you. 

And for setting the mood? There’s a top ten list of songs people get off to.

So next time you find yourself tossing and turning from a lack of sleep, give tossing yourself off a try – it’s scientifically proven. And no need to feel embarrassed about it; our celebrity crush Harry Styles almost admitted on-air to Ellen that it’s his falling asleep go-to…

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