New Study to Examine If Orgasms Are an Effective Way to Ease Period Pain


Researchers are looking for 1,000 people who menstruate to participate in a new study. The global study will analyse the scientific benefits of masturbation during menstruation and whether or not orgasms are one of the most effective ways to ease period pain.

Women’s pleasure brand Womanizer has teamed up with menstrual cup brand Lunette to commission the three-month study, called The Menstrubation Initiative. Of these 1,000 participants across the globe, researchers are looking for 100 Aussies to take part in the study.

Over the three months, participants will be asked to complete a series of surveys and to report their experiences of masturbating through their menstrual cycle.

Study participants will be gifted their own Cherry Red Womanizer Starlet and a Lunette menstrual cup to conduct the research.

Research into women’s health problems — like period pain — is severely lacking but a 2017 poll conducted by YouGov found that 92% of Australian women have suffered from period pain — many to the extent it impacted their ability to work.


In fact, the full anatomy of the clitoris wasn’t discovered until 1998! Seriously. Australian urologist Helen O’Connell was the first to find the true size of the clitoris and uncover the massive amount of nerve endings.

So, in short, research into women’s sexual health is pretty lacking and this inspired both Womanizer and Lunette to commission The Menstrubation Initiative.

“We know that a fulfilled sex life, whether solo or with another person, has many positive effects and now it’s time to expand this knowledge to menstrual-related pain-relief,” said Womanizer’s head of sexual empowerment, Johanna Rief.

“Our products are ideal if you want to masturbate during your period because most Womanizer models aren’t inserted inside the body. This is especially helpful if people are wearing something like a menstrual cup.”

Womanizer products use a patented Pleasure Air Technology® to provide contactless suction around erogenous zones.

Registrations are currently open for the study and you can apply via the Menstrubation website.

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