Rematch? Don’t Hold Your Breath. Reynold Poernomo Is Done With Cooking Competitions

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Reynold Poernomo’s dessert creations have consistently dazzled the culinary world, from seasons 7 and 12 of MasterChef Australia to the last two weeks of MasterChef: Dessert Masters. Last night, he found himself in familiar territory — the grand final of a MasterChef competition. In Season 7 of MasterChef Australia, Reynold finished in fourth place; in Season 12, he came third, and this year, he narrowly missed victory on MasterChef: Dessert Masters, coming in second, with the winning title given to Gareth Whitton. Despite never taking home the winning title, Poernomo is still recognised as one of the most successful alumni of the MasterChef universe.

As he readied himself to step into the kitchen once again, Poernomo knew Gareth was his biggest competition.

“He has an impressive resume, and I’ve loved his tarts since I tried them last year —he’s good at what he does,” he tells The Latch over the phone.

Reynold Poernomo on his MasterChef: Dessert Masters Journey

When it came to the final showdown, Poernomo chose to showcase his two best desserts from KOI Experiential. His first course, ‘Floral’, featured a feijoa cremeaux, strawberries, jasmine gelato, with a delicate sugar flower and yuzu jelly on top, as well as two types of snow: elderflower sake and strawberry.

For his second course, Reynold made ‘Milk and Honey’, including citrus crème fraiche in a honeycomb mould and orange blossom gelato. Throughout the cook, Reynold struggled to unmould his crème fraiche elements without them breaking. Eventually, he settled on a batch with a thicker layer, compromising his vision.

When approached for Dessert Masters, Reynold saw it as an opportunity to showcase his skills to Australia, and the world.

“[It’s been] eight years of building this business of ours with my family, of not being recognised, we’ve never been reviewed or even written up for our new flagship store,” he explains with disappointment.

Looking back on his time in the kitchen, Reynold notes: “It’s a platform for me. It’s powered by creativity. It’s my craft. It’s my purpose. It’s a passion that I’ve chosen.”

Still, this is likely Reynold’s last MasterChef appearance — as a contestant, anyway.

Reynold Poernomo on What’s Next For Him

Reynold currently has his eyes set on a Melbourne venture, which he hopes “everything goes smoothly” with between now and the opening. There’s also an international tour on the horizon — Reynold is looking at Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the United States, although he emphasises the US is “a long way away.”

His excitement for these upcoming ventures is palpable, promising fans more opportunities to savour his culinary delights.

While MasterChef: Dessert Masters may be over for 2023, the good news is that it will be back in 2024. Network Ten confirmed the show’s renewal at its upfronts in October.

Until then, you can relive the sugar rush, with all episodes of MasterChef: Dessert Masters streaming now on 10 Play.

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