The Foodie Opinions That Would Get Our Dessert Masters Cancelled

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In the world of culinary arts, food opinions can be as diverse as the flavours in a well-prepared dish. However, there are certain foodie opinions that, if voiced, might stir up controversy. They could, possibly, even lead to a Dessert Master’s cancellation.

So, just for the fun of it, we grilled each MasterChef: Dessert Masters contestant to find out which foodie opinion of theirs would get them cancelled. Here’s what they had to say.

Gareth Whitton

I have too many, but the big one is that I like pineapple on pizza. Basically, any anti-Italian sentiment — I tend to break all the rules and traditions. Also, vegetables have a place in desserts, and I don’t want to hear any arguments.

Jess Liemantara

This happened just the other day; I cut the cheese wrong. Apparently, you cut it like a piece of cake, but I cut it in the middle. I work with a lot of French people whom I have now offended.

Andy Bowdy

I only have two: frozen mashed potato is delicious, and apricots are the best fruit.

Adriano Zumbo

I don’t know if it will get me cancelled, but I don’t believe you need to wear gloves all the time in the kitchen. I guess the online community can take that and run with it however they see fit.

Anna Polyviou

I think the trifle I did on the show would get me cancelled. Just kidding. I don’t have one per se, but I would have loved to have served Amaury ants. I really wanted to freak him out with them, but he’s French, so he’s seen enough snails.

Morgan Hipworth

I hate cucumber and capsicum. Whenever I tell people that, they’re always like, ‘What?’ But I despise them. They’re so strong they overpower everything.

Kirsten Tibballs

If you put chocolate in the fridge, we can’t be friends.

Kay-Lene Tan

I love, love pineapple on pizza and I don’t care who knows it. Adam D’Sylva also loves it, and a few of my chef friends love it. There are no rules when it comes to food, right?

While MasterChef: Dessert Masters may be over for 2023, the good news is that it will be back in 2024. Network Ten confirmed the show’s renewal at its upfronts in October.

Until then, you can relive the sugar rush with all episodes of MasterChef: Dessert Masters streaming now on 10 Play.

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