Kirsten Tibballs Returns to ‘MasterChef Australia’ With a Sweet Challenge for the Top 6

masterchef australia kirsten tibballs

And just like that, we’re down to six contestants on MasterChef Australia: Secrets and Surprises. It seems like just the other day, we met 18 hopeful home cooks, yet here we are nearing the end.

So far this season, we’ve welcomed several guest judges, from Clare Smyth to Shannon Bennet and Luke Nguyen, each of whom has brought their own challenges and tests to the kitchen. Some have even donned the apron and cooked against the contestants.

To kick off a new week, reigning chocolate queen Kirsten Tibballs is bringing a delicious sweet surprise to the kitchen. How will the contestants fare with half the time and half the ingredients in this week’s elimination challenge?

Who Is Kirsten Tibballs?

Kirsten Tibballs is a renowned Australian pastry chef and chocolatier, widely recognised for her expertise in the field of chocolate and pastry arts. She has won numerous awards and accolades for her skills and contributions to the culinary industry and is considered the queen of chocolate.

Tibballs began her culinary journey at a young age, attending culinary school in Australia and later honing her skills in Europe. Her passion for chocolate and pastry led her to become a prominent figure in the industry, both in Australia and internationally.

Her innovative and artistic approach to pastry and chocolate creations has been featured on various television shows, including MasterChef Australia. In 2017, Tibballs presented the season’s final contestants with her dramatic trio of lifelike fruit desserts. She’s also been a judge for prestigious culinary competitions.

In addition to her culinary work, Tibballs is an author and educator. She has published several books, sharing her knowledge and techniques with aspiring pastry chefs and chocolate enthusiasts. She also conducts classes and workshops worldwide, where she teaches her craft and inspires others in the culinary arts.

masterchef australia kirsten tibballs
Photo: Kirsten Tibballs

Does Kirsten Tibballs Have a TV Show?

For those eager to recreate Tibball’s mouthwatering treats, you can watch her show, The Chocolate Queen, which is currently filming its third season.

She generously shares all her recipes from the show on the SBS Food website. With these recipes at your fingertips, you can master the art of chocolate confections and delight your loved ones with homemade creations.

Will Kirsten Tibballs Be on MasterChef Australia: Dessert Masters?

Can you really have a dessert show and not have the chocolate queen on it? The answer is no. Kirsten Tibballs will be competing on MasterChef: Dessert Masters, along with Adriano Zumbo, MasterChef alum Jess Lemon, and more.

MasterChef Australia: Secrets and Surprises airs at 7.30pm, Sunday — Thursdays, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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