For Long Lashes Minus the Extensions, Try This New Marc Jacobs Beauty Mascara

Marc Jacobs Beauty

One of the latest offerings from Marc Jacobs Beauty is the At Lash’d Lifting & Volumizing Mascara. Housed in chic black and gold striped metal packaging, this baby promises to deliver extreme length and curl, plus noticeable definition.

With the Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara considered to be a cult favourite, it was always going to be hard to create another product that was equally as loveable.

But, the At Lash’d Mascara doesn’t disappoint. While Velvet Noir offers volume, At Lash’d is all about length and provides definition similarly to that of a lash extension.

This promise is delivered on and I definitely noticed a difference in my lash length, as I don’t consider myself to have the longest of lashes.

In fact, I wore the mascara to a recent brow appointment (to a new salon I’d never been to before) and the lovely technician told me that I had long eyelashes — which is most definitely a compliment in my books.


When it comes to the brush head, it contains wavy bristles that are designed to evenly coat your lashes from root to tip, while the formula is pretty lightweight and easily buildable.

Marc Jacobs has previously said that the inspiration behind this product was women with “long, spidery lashes”, but I didn’t find it looked all that spidery — which is great for me personally as someone who isn’t a fan of that particular look on my face.

But, this is most likely down to my lightweight application, but it does give you the option to build the length and spidery-ness should you want to.

The texture is also quite flexible (giving it that buildable quality) and doesn’t feel or look crunchy on the eye, thanks to the addition of lash conditioners biotin peptide and provitamin b5 as well as lightweight plant waxes.


As a fairly low maintenance beauty lover, I’m actually quite picky when it comes to mascara. As I have slightly hooded eyelids, I hate it when mascara transfers to the top of my lids during the day and will pretty much stop using a product if it smudges on my first use.

This aversion has led me to love tubular mascaras, which don’t ever smudge. So, trialling a new mascara is always interesting. And I’m extremely happy to say that I didn’t really experience any smudging or transferring to my eyelids, which is a big win.

At Lash’d by Marc Jacobs Beauty definitely lives up to its predecessor.

You can shop the Marc Jacobs Beauty At Lash’d Lifting & Volumizing Mascara at Sephora for $41.

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