Pinterest Has Predicted the 3 Biggest Makeup Trends for 2021

Skincare was the star of 2020 thanks to the inordinate amount of time everyone spent at home. As a result, makeup products gathered dust, with many people spending months makeup-free. Now that some parts of the world are returning to a “COVID-normal” way of life, especially for us here in Australia, chances are that you’re returning to your makeup with newfound interest.

Pinterest recently aggregated the pins of its millions of users and collated it into a trend report. The data showed that the makeup trends for 2021 are poised to be exciting, to say the least. According to Bustle, these three trends are about letting your natural skin shine through as well as experimenting with bold colours (which we recently predicted).


“It’s the end of the caked-on makeup look,” says Pinterest. After many months of wearing little to no makeup, 2021 will see skinimalism front and centre as people let their natural skin texture shine through. Heavy foundations will be swapped for lightweight base products to create dewy looks that enhance your skin rather than cover it. In fact, there has been a 180% increase in searches year over year for “natural everyday makeup”.

Skinimalism c/o @flex.mami


Yes, that does say “rainbrows”. Brows will become even bigger in 2021 thanks to the addition of bold colours. Pinterest says: “In 2021, people will embrace bold brows and experiment with statement-making styles. Nothing is too out-of-the-brow this year.”

In Australia, there has been a 50% increase in searches for “ombre powder brows”, as well as a 160% increase in searches for “bleached eyebrows”. The term “goth eyebrows” has also seen an increase of 120% year over year. Whether or not you’re ready to bleach your brows, or lather them in bright colours, 2021 is going to take the bushy brow to the next level.

Bleached brows c/o @rowisingh

Indie beauty

“Take it from Gen Z: indie isn’t what it used to be. Their version is defined by bold-coloured crop tops, baggy jeans and emoji-inspired makeup and nails. When it comes to beauty, 2021 will be about feelin’ cute,” says Pinterest.

2021 will be about injecting pops of colour into your beauty, be it your eyeshadow or lipstick choices or the way you decorate your nails. In fact, there has been a 21x increase in searches for “indie nails” over the last year, while in Australia, there has been a 45% increase in searches for “inner eye pop of colour”.

Clever use of colour c/o @katiejanehughes

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