Sweaty Skin Season Is Here and This Is the Setting Spray I’m Using to Keep My Makeup Intact

The only real downside of spring and summer is arguably the sweat the heat causes you to produce. While a necessary function of the body, it’s pretty darn annoying, and at times, downright inconvenient. I mean, I basically avoid wearing the colour grey for months because it’s just a disaster for shining on a light on sweat.

Sweat also poses an issue when it comes to makeup. It’s a little soul-destroying when you’ve applied a fresh face of makeup only to feel like it’s running down your face as soon as you step outside moments later.

Despite this conundrum, I’ve never fully investigated the world of makeup setting sprays — mainly because I have dry skin and said sprays have never agreed with me. Despite experiencing a sweaty face, when I have previously used a setting spray, it has left the parts of my face prone to dryness feeling parched.

On a whim, I recently decided to try the M·A·C Fix+ Magic Radiance All Day Hydrating Spray, which is described as “bottled magic”. I was swayed to give this one a go thanks to the hydrating addition of hyaluronic acid (which helps your skin retain moisture) as well as essentials oils and vitamin C.


The Fix+ Magic Radiance promises to be super hydrating while also adding radiance and in my personal experience, it delivers on both. A quick spritz over my makeup leaves my skin looking dewy, but I don’t experience the same makeup-running-down-my-face feeling of previous years. And, after a weekend that topped 30 degrees here in Sydney, I can say that I didn’t feel like a sweaty mess after running errands in the sun.

I can’t speak for how it would fare on oilier skin but this definitely doesn’t dry my skin out and keeps my makeup looking fresh and dewy even when I feel a little hot and sweaty.

So far, I have solely used the Fix+ Magic Radiance as a makeup setting spray but will be trying it under makeup going forward too, as it can also be used to create a hydrating priming effect.

The liquid itself has a very subtle and non-offensive scent that smells fresh but one thing I don’t love is the spray bottle the product is housed in. While the product has been described as a “moisturising mist”, it is most definitely a spray — and it comes out in chunky spurts.

When I first used the product, I was expecting more of an aerosol spray vibe but was shocked when I pushed down on the lid quite hard and the liquid shot out of the bottle in a stream and left my face basically dripping. Not idea, l but also, a little user error on my part as I was expecting something different.

To avoid making my mistake, shake the bottle well and press super lightly on the lid when using. It still won’t come out as a gentle mist (more like liquid droplets) but it also shouldn’t hit you in the face like it did for me.

Despite teething issues with the bottle, the product is a must-have for sweaty summer skin and something I’ll be using all season long. Head to M·A·C to shop the M·A·C Fix+ Magic Radiance All Day Hydrating Spray for $44.

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