This Handy Breathing Trainer Helps Improve Lung Capacity for Greater Endurance

We’re always on the lookout for helpful tech creations that can positively impact your health and wellness. While no piece of tech is ever a silver bullet, there are devices you can add to your life, alongside regular exercise and lots of fruits and veggies, that will improve it in certain ways.

One such piece of tech comes from Denmark and is used to improve one’s breathing and lung capacity. Enter: the Airofit. According to Man of Many, the small device is somewhat like a miniature diving tank and it consists of a mouthpiece that connects to an app.

This device uses technology that utilises Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT), which, according to the Airofit creators, helps you train harder and longer with much the same effort while also making exercise feel easier. RMT is a technique that helps to improve the function of the respiratory muscles through specific exercises.


Practising these exercises has been found to boost endurance, while also showing promising results in stress relief and lung-related conditions. To follow this style of training with the Airofit, simply use the device for eight to 10 minutes before or after your workout (when you’re resting). Then, the Training App will walk you through a workout and instructs you on when to inhale, exhale and hold your breath, with the goal of helping to improve repository performance in the long run.

Once you’ve completed one level of breath training, the app will adjust the difficulty of the exercises. This will help train and strengthen your lungs over time and increase your endurance when exercising. After just four weeks of following the training and using the device, some people have experienced improvements in respiratory strength, anaerobic tolerance (which allows you to hold your breath easier) and vital lung capacity, which improves your body’s ability to inhale and exhale more air — therefore improving your body’s oxygenation.

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If you’re keen to improve your lung function and work on your exercise endurance (and have a little cash to splash), consider trying out the Airofit for US$299. According to one reviewer, Jason, the difference was noticeable within a matter of weeks.

“LOVE IT!! It’s actually working. I’m not sure if it’s placebo but after 5 weeks I went surfing today and I totally felt the difference,” Jason wrote. “I was going to the gym 4 days a week and always tried to work on those surfing muscles but still, I’d always get exhausted after like an hour in the ocean. Today, after taking [a] 2-month break from surfing, I finally felt a drastic improvement in my shape.”

Consult your doctor or personal training before making changes to your workout routine.

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