Here’s How Australians Are (Unsurprisingly) Feeling About Sex During and Post-Lockdown

Sex life

Other peoples’ sex lives will never not be interesting. What other people get up to in the bedroom (other than sleep, of course — though that is interesting, too) will forever be a source of fascination to us simply because we’re comparing it to our own experience.

So, with that said, what is happening with Australians these days when it comes to sex? Durex did a recent survey and found some rather startling stats. Turns out, more women reported having a non-existent sex drive during lockdown (31%), compared to men (18%). This makes sense given 35% of men admitted to watching more porn in lockdown while only 15% of women said they did.

More men also admitted to being hornier than ever during lockdowns (41%), compared with women (24%). One in three men said they wanted the population to get vaccinated so they could have sex, compared to one in five women.

As for how they see their sex lives looking post-lockdown, men were more likely to say the first person they would sleep with after restrictions lifted would be a total stranger (19%), but a big chunk of both sexes (54% men, 62% women) said the person they’d most want to get it on with is their long-term partner.

For men on the hunt for a summer fling, the top three attributes they said they’d be looking for are attractiveness (63%), a nice smile (47%) and the person being fully vaccinated (44%). Women said they’d be keen on a fling who always asking for consent (52%) and is well-groomed (51%) and attractive (47%).

So, yes, there’s a lot to digest there. But, if you’re in lockdown, you should have plenty of time to.

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