LinkedIn Returns to Regular Service After Brief Technical Issues

The professional social media site LinkedIn suffered some major technical issues on Wednesday morning. Right across the globe, users were reporting that posts were not loading on the site while posting was also unresponsive.

Those issues now appear to have been fixed, with the LinkedIn help team posting on Twitter that the problem has now been solved. They didn’t go into details over exactly why the services went down, however.

The issues were first detected at 9:30am on Wednesday, October 20, as the site Down Detector suddenly shot up with reports of the site experiencing issues at that time.

Users trying to post to the site were met with a spinning wheel. LinkedIn suffered a similarly brief outage last month as well on both its mobile app and desktop site.

Another site tracking website outages, IsItDownRightNow, has similar reports of the site’s outage, with users commenting in from across the world that they were experiencing technical difficulties. Users commenting in South Korea, India, America, and the UK reported being able to access the site, but unable to see posts or content on their account.

The LinkedIn technical help team began responding to users on Twitter complaining of outages, saying that they are aware of the issue and are currently looking into it.

The issue appeared to be the same on mobile and desktop, with users sharing screenshots of the problems that look like the below.

LinkedIn down

Attempting to post also revealed the below error message.

Linkedin down

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites on the planet, used primarily for professional services. Users typically update their friends and colleagues on job developments, work achievements, and new positions within their company.

The outage lasted roughly an hour and a half and the site appears to be back to full functionality now.

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