These Are the Top Companies to Work for in 2022, According to Linkedin

If you’re looking for a career change, it can feel like a lot of pressure to choose the right path.

Depending on what you’re looking for, whether it’s something you’re really passionate about, increased financial security or just a radical change, there are different ways to go about searching for the perfect job for your individual situation.

And if you’re stuck, LinkedIn is here to help. The 2022 LinkedIn Top Companies list is the 6th annual ranking of the 25 best workplaces to grow your career, all based on unique LinkedIn data. These are the companies that are offering stability in our ever-changing world of work — the ones that are not only attracting employees but retaining them.

This year’s rankings were driven by LinkedIn data across seven pillars, each revealing an important element of career progression: ability to advance, skills growth, company stability, external opportunity, company affinity, gender diversity and spread of educational backgrounds.

Below are the top 10 companies to work for in 2022, (you can check out who made the cut in 2021 here) with some further information of things to note, as well as the most valued skills required to work there.

1. Commonwealth Bank

Financial Services

Australia Headcount: 48,000
Global headcount: 50,000
Top Australia locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth
Most notable skills: Banking, Retail Banking, Mortgage Lending
Most common job titles: Customer Service Specialist, Senior Business Analyst, Lending Specialist
Largest job functions: Finance, Support, Engineering

What you should know: Commonwealth Bank is keeping itself at the forefront of new technology with big investments, particularly in artificial intelligence. It has invested in Silicon Valley tech firm H20.ai and plans to establish a technology hub at the new Entrepreneur and Innovation Centre at Lot Fourteen in Adelaide. To support workers during 2021, CBA offered an additional 10 days’ special pandemic leave as well as paid leave for vaccinations. The bank has also publicly announced goals around diversity and inclusion – which includes 47%-50% gender equality in executive manager and above roles by 2025.

2. Woolworths Group


Australia headcount: 170,000
Global headcount: 189,000
Top Australia locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
Most notable skills: Supermarkets, Rostering, Customer Service
Most common job titles: 
Customer Service Representative, Personal Shopper, Retail Assistant
Largest job functions: Support, Operations, Sales

What you should know: Woolworths Group is set for a big 2022 following a major investment in a new third-party online marketplace offering, with hopes of competing with eBay and Amazon. Woolworths is also expanding its online grocery offering, with a new robotic warehouse in Sydney under construction, showing the retailer’s commitment to digital expansion and new technologies in fulfilment.

3. NAB


Australia headcount: 32,000
Global headcount: 34,209*
Top Australia locations: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
Most notable skills: Banking, Mortgage Lending, Retail Banking
Most common job titles: Business Banking Manager, Senior Business Analyst, Customer Advisor
Largest job functions: Finance, Engineering, Information Technology

What you should know: NAB is looking to fill 1,500 technology roles across the business in 2022. The bank is looking to build a pipeline for tech talent, by bringing on board 500 interns and re-skilling workers from different careers for in-demand roles. For the first time, the bank is also onboarding a group of neurodiverse individuals for a new pilot program.

4. Westpac Group

Financial Services

Australia headcount: 38,747
Global headcount: 33,969*
Top Australia locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide
Most notable skills: Banking, Mortgage Lending, Retail Banking
Most common job titles: Senior Business Analyst, Senior Project Manager, Business Analyst
Largest job functions: Finance, Research, Program and Project Management

What you should know: Westpac is preparing for a lower emissions economy by upskilling 800 team members across Australia in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Westpac has also extended paid maternity leave from 13 weeks to 16 weeks, and included additional special paid parental leave entitlements for premature births.

5. ANZ


Australia headcount: 23,230*
Global headcount: 28000
Top Australia locations: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
Most notable skills: Banking, Mortgage Lending, Retail Banking
Most common job titles: Product Owner, Banking Advisor, Personal Banker
Largest job functions: Finance, Engineering, Information Technology

What you should know: ANZ has embraced a workforce looking for more flexible options, providing team members with the option to work parts of their week from the office, home, on the road or wherever they are comfortable and able to work. That includes remote onboarding for graduates during the pandemic, and establishing online communities within their workforce such as a pride network and people-leader guidance groups.

6. Telstra


Australia headcount: 23,000
Global headcount: 27,000
Top Australia locations: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
Most notable skills: Telecommunications, Leadership Accountability, Self Assessment
Most common job titles: Product Owner, Sales Consultant, Project Manager
Largest job functions: Information Technology, Sales, Engineering

What you should know: Telstra has built its vision of a hybrid workplace of the future with the company’s new Adelaide offices. The offices aim to be a place team members can get together for meetings, training and other activities rather than the traditional 9am-5pm work model. Across the country, Telstra seeks to make sure geography is no barrier to entry, onboarding talent from anywhere in Australia as part of its flexible working model.

7. WPP


Australia headcount: 3,607*
Global headcount: 109,000
Top Australia locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
Most notable skills: Media Planning, Media Buying, Programmatic Media Buying, Advertising
Most common job titles: 
Account Manager, Accounts Payable Officer, Strategic Partner Largest job functions: Business Development, Accounting, Information Technology

What you should know: WPP, through its subsidiaries, is striving to “make advertising better”, both to support clients and attract the best talent. GroupM chief executive Aimee Buchanan said, “Ultimately, if we’re not making things here better for our people, I’m not doing my job and we won’t have the best talent.” For this initiative, workers are encouraged to define what their working day looks like, with flexibility around where they work, with time-out factored for wellness programs or school pick-up, and expanded parental leave policies.

8. Salesforce


Australia headcount: 2,465
Global headcount: 74,251
Top Australia locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
Most notable skills: Solution Selling, Salesforce.com Consulting, Enterprise Software, Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Most common job titles: 
Account Executive, Solutions Engineer, Enterprise Account Executive
Largest job functions: Sales, Engineering, Business Development

What you should know: Salesforce has committed to supporting a changing working landscape by offering new benefits. The new conditions include things like claiming home gym equipment as a wellness expense, introducing a $100-per-day allowance for emergency back-up childcare, and a $50,000 package for transgender workers to accommodate gender affirmation surgeries, prescription drugs, therapies and other allowances to ease the financial and time burden associated with new gender identities.

9. DXC Technology

Information Technology and Services

Australia headcount: 7,000
Global headcount: 130,000
Top Australia locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide
Most notable skills: Stakeholder Management, IT Outsourcing, Microsoft Azure
Most common job titles: 
Solutions Architect, Senior Technical Consultant, Senior Project Manager
Largest job functions: Information Technology, Engineering, Program and Project Management

What you should know: DXC Technology places a strong focus on graduate positions, hiring more than 130 graduates in 2022. The well-established graduate program runs for 12 months, includes self-paced training and development courses and full-time employment at associate level upon completion. Further to the company’s investment in the future workforce, DXC has collaborated with Western Sydney University to launch the student “Innovating Human Identity” challenge, seeking to develop ideas around the future of digital identities in respect to biometrics and artificial intelligence.

10. Alphabet

Information and Technology Services.

Australia headcount: 2,000
Global headcount: 163,000
Top Australia locations: Sydney, Melbourne
Most notable skills: YouTube, Site Reliability Engineering, Adobe Premiere Pro
Most common job titles: Software Engineer, Content Creator, Founder
Largest job functions: Engineering, Business Development, Media and Communication, Information Technology, Sales

What you should know: Google parent company Alphabet is investing in an Australian research hub as part of a $1bn Digital Future Initiative to increase cloud capacity and partnerships with local organisations. The initiative seeks to address local issues specifically, such as improving monitoring of native Australian sea life with the CSIRO, and will support 6,000 new jobs directly and up to 28,000 indirectly over the next five years.

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