These Are the 3 Most In-Demand ‘Green’ Jobs Right Now, According to LinkedIn

When it comes to sustainability, every little bit does help. With that said, those working in the ‘green’ industry really should be commended. Every day, they’re working to clean up our planet and make it somewhat more liveable for future generations. Fortunately, every year sees more and more people take on roles in the crucial green industry.

In fact, the green industry is now so big — and, of course, important — that LinkedIn dedicated an entire report to it. Called the Global Green Skills Report 2022, the research published this week looks into the sustainability jobs market, with the aim of giving policymakers, governments and business leaders valuable insights that will help them transition to a more green economy future.

“The report has found that the promise of a greener economy has begun, however, there is more work yet to be done globally,” says Matt Tindale, Managing Director at LinkedIn ANZ. “We know from our research that many organisations are now looking to go green, spurred on by conversations around sustainability, growing consumer consciousness for environment-friendly businesses and mounting government pressures.”

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Tindale says the result of organisations keen to incorporate green skills into their operations is that entirely new roles are being created. What that means for job seekers is that they should be looking at how they can upskill in these green areas to make sure they can jump on any upcoming relevant opportunities.

So, what are the three most in-demand jobs in the green economy these days that future job seekers should familiarise themselves with? Well, according to the report, the fastest-growing green jobs include Sustainability Manager (24%), Ecologist (17%) and Geologist (15%).

And in terms of the most popular green skills, sustainability, environmental awareness, environmental science, environmental management systems and environmental impact assessment topped the list.

The report also found that the share of green talent in the workforce had increased from 9.6% in 2015, to 13.3% so far in 2022, meaning a growth rate of 38.5%. It found that in the past year, roughly 10% of job postings requiring skills have explicitly required at least one green skill. It also found that workers are increasingly skilled in green areas and transitioning into green and greening jobs, driving positive net transitions into these jobs.

You can read the full LinkedIn Global Green Skills Report 2022 here.

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