Australia’s 2022 Budget: How Sustainability and Environmental Issues Will Be Covered


With everything that’s happened in the last few years in Australia in terms of natural disasters, including but not limited to drought, bushfires and floods, many of them unprecedented, sustainability and environmental issues will no doubt be a major focus on the Australian Federal Budget 2022-2023.

“The most immediate human and financial challenge from climate change is the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters. 1) Natural disasters impose substantial costs on the Australian economy – and these costs are growing rapidly,” writes Kate Griffiths and Alison Reeve in Grattan Institute’s Explainer: How climate change affects the federal budget.

2) The Federal Government has a role in funding support to those affected as well as cleaning up and rebuilding after natural disasters. Many of these immediate costs could also be reduced by more effective policy on adaption, 3) and stronger emissions reduction policies would help to avoid larger costs down the track.”

In 2021-22’s Budget, ‘over $480 million in new funding for the environment’ was allocated, with measures relating to oceans, environmental law reform, recycling and waste, and climate adaptation, including a new Australian Climate Service. Still, though, many said the government had gone light on climate and environment measures, framing them as side issues.

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