This Lazy Susan Hack Is Here to Revolutionise Your Pantry


I’m here to tell you that a lazy susan deserves way more than to sit in the centre of the big round tables at Yum Cha reserved only for the large families.

Furthermore, she deserves to have the “lazy” dropped from her name entirely, because once I tell you just how much she has revolutionised my kitchen storage at home, you’ll agree she deserves a rebrand with a name more reflective of her tireless hard work and can-do attitude.

Some time ago, I picked up the Snudda lazy susan from IKEA for $14.99. I had vague plans to use it as a little tea and coffee station on my kitchen counter, which worked a treat, but I shortly realised the retro item had far more potential.

As a member of many a rogue Facebook group, I recalled seeing people in the Mums Who Cook, Clean and Organise Group using lazy susans in their pantries, and in particular, on those corner shelves where condiments typically go to die.

That little nook is typically so hard to see and so difficult to reach into, that some genius once thought to pop a lazy susan in there to help them rotate their items around and allow for easier access to often-forgotten pantry staples.

In trying the organisation hack, I was flabbergasted at how much the $15 item transformed my pantry space. Instead of digging around for sauces and spreads, I could cluster them all atop the little lazy susan and rotate it until I found the one I was looking for.

Seems TV presenter Shelley Craft is also a fan of the “ingenious” hack, having made a special call-out for the IKEA product during a home video tour for the Swedish furniture giant. You can watch her rave about it at the two-minute mark in the video below.

My IKEA one works a treat and would absolutely recommend it, but I’ve recently discovered there to be clear lazy susans with sides and dividers, that would also help to keep spice jars and smaller items compact and prevent them from falling over inside the cupboard.

There’s even a clear turntable from Kmart for $7, which would also do the trick and is ideal for those on a budget.

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