Exercise Equipment That Will Spice Up Your Workout (and You Can Buy It From Kmart)

Resistance Bands

If you’re feeling a little uninspired about your exercise routine, it could be time to incorporate some new equipment.

While we’d all love to have professional equipment at home, budget and space constraints are real.

This is where Kmart comes in handy (although when is Kmart not helpful?!) as it offers budget-friendly exercise equipment that will help you change up your routine.

A great example of this is a balance board. While using a balance board might not seem like the most rewarding form of exercise,t’s actually great for your core strength. It also benefits your coordination, motor skills and reaction time — simply by balancing on a disc.

This one from Kmart is super affordable and can take up to 100kg of weight.

Kmart Balance Board, $8.50

Kmart Balance Board

Shadow boxing is a common way of keeping fit, but if you’re wanting something tactile to practice with, a boxing buoy is a great option.

Not everyone has the space to hang a massive boxing bag in their house, so an inflatable boxing buoy is much more space-efficient. All you have to do is simply fill the base with water and you’re ready to go.

Kmart Inflatable Boxing Buoy, $10

Inflatable Boxing Buoy

On those days when you’re lacking in motivation, this will get you moving. Kmart sells workout dice that have a number of different exercises written on them — so once you roll the dice, you complete the movement listed.

It’s a good way to get out of your head and simply dive in. There is also a Yoga Dice, should that be more your speed.

Kmart Workout Dice, $4 each

Workout Dice

Step up your yoga and Pilates practise by introducing a wheel. It can be used a number of ways for both disciplines and is great for building core strength. It’s also great for improving flexibility and can help to prevent injury when performing tricky poses.

Kmart Pilates and Yoga Wheel, $19

Pilates and Yoga Wheel

Using a resistance band is a good way to build strength in your arms and core muscles. Bands easily adapt to multiple fitness levels and you’re able to modify exercises to suit you.

Kmart sells a number of different styles of resistance bands, but this resistance trainer has footrests, which equals a more stable workout.

Kmart 2 Band Resistance Trainer, $8

2 Band Resistance Trainer

Working from home can make it harder for you to switch off and prioritise your daily exercise. So, using a recumbent bike can be helpful to get the blood flowing while you’re still at your desk.

This style of bike is way more gentle on your joints (compared to a regular exercise bike) and easier on your lower back, as you’re not hunching over. While it won’t replace an actual workout, or going for a walk, it’s a good way to get your blood flowing.

Kmart Mini Exercise Bike, $29

Mini Exercise Bike

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