DIY a Chic Bouclé Armchair Using This $69 Kmart Chair


The bouclé trend continues to climb as more and more interior obsessives work to feature the textile du jour in their homes.

Whether applied via cushions, bed heads or our favourite, curved armchairs and sofas, the fabric does well to make a muted statement in any minimal space and is an easy way to instantly add a chic touch to any room.

Being that it’s a durable fabric, the only real downside to bouclé is its cost (up to $100 – $150 per metre, we’re told). As such, big-ticket items like chairs and couches upholstered in bouclé can cost an arm and a leg, which might be why pieces like these are still considered a luxury.

But one interior blogger is here to make bouclé accessible, and with applaudable innovation, has shared her DIY hack for crafting a stunning bouclé armchair for your living room or reading corner.

All you need to follow her lead is some basic tools, some fabric, and a $69 Kmart chair.

“I’ve wanted a bouclé chair for so long but couldn’t justify the price,” Bernice Averion says in a blog post on her site, Bunny Bernice.

“When I saw the Kmart Upholstered Timber Chair for $69 I knew I was finally getting my bouclé chair.”

Image: Bunny Bernice

Following a trip to Kmart and a stopover at Spotlight to buy two metres of beige bouclé fabric (at a very reasonable $18 per metre), she set out to makeover the piece.

Averion first disassembled the chair. With a set of helping hands, she then cut the fabric to size and pulled it taut over the cushion and backrest, securing the fabric in place with a fabric staple gun to the undersides as she went.

All she had to do then was reassemble the chair and sit back to admire her handiwork. In total, the project took only 30 minutes.

“We do have some leftover fabric so we’ll be creating matching cushions for our new modular sofa that’s arriving next week.”

Averion posted her hack to the Kmart Inspired Homes Facebook group, where it was met with over 200 reactions and around 30 comments from inspired members. “This is so freakin cute,” wrote one commenter while another added: “I loveeeee this!!!”

Safe to say Kmart’s already popular armchair is about to see a workout from DIYers everywhere, as people move to follow in Averion’s footsteps.

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