What Is Bouclé: The Textile of the Moment


Bouclé is having a major moment in the homes of decor obsessives and the interiors-inclined.

The durable fabric, most often seen in white or cream, makes for an easy way to add instant texture and interest to any modern space, and despite its resurgence in 2020, is a timeless trend with longevity that will stand the test of time in any home.

Below, we explore the bouclé trend and view varying applications of this textile de jour from brands and designers who are perhaps doing it best.

What is bouclé?

French for ‘curl’ or ‘loop’, Bouclé is both yarn and an upholstery fabric made from it. The textile is characterised by its nubby, almost fleecy appearance, from the little loops in the yarn. Bouclé fabrics are commonly made from wool fibres, however, you can also find the textile in linen, cotton and even silk.

Architectural Digest says the trend perhaps looks most effective when upholstered on curved furniture, like rounded sofas or occasional chairs, and while it looks chic, the textile also poses other benefits to interior spaces.

“Bouclé fabric provides a unique range of benefits: heavy enough to offer some acoustic absorption when used for, say, window treatments, but soft enough to cover a pillow.”

How to style with bouclé

Below, we explore three ways to style with bouclé in your abode.


The fuzzy nature or bouclé means its pairs perfectly with curved or rounded pieces like asymmetrical sofas, armchairs, and ottomans. Designers and labels like Coco Republic, Sarah Ellison and Life Interiors each have their own bouclé pieces, though savvy shoppers can find gorgeous pieces on secondhand marketplaces if they know where to look.

While purchasing furniture in bouclé fabric or reupholstering vintage pieces in the texture can be costly (between $100 – $150 per metre), there are other, cheaper ways to include to textile in your home.

boucle armchair
Coco Republic Valero Occasional Chair, $2,035

Soft furnishings

Those looking to introduce bouclé into their homes may wish to start by adding textural accents via soft furnishings like cushions and throws. Bouclé cushions are easily found to accommodate a range of budgets.

Right now, our favourite application of bouclé in cushion form comes courtesy of Laura Varsanyi from The Creative Muster. Varsanyi creates spherical bouclé cushions from Canberra and sells them via her online Etsy store, starting from $110.

The Creative Muster bouclé wool cushion, $150


An inherently cosy textile, bouclé is the perfect texture for the bedroom. Whether added to your sleeping space via simple throw cushions or a padded bed head, the textile is ideal for cooler climates or the winter months.

The Sheet Society recently launched 100% cotton bouclé bedding, which is both breathable in summer and warm in winter.

Bouclé bedding
The Sheet Society’s Lola Bouclé Bedding, from $140

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