5 Home Décor Trends We’ll See Everywhere in 2024

The start of the year is an opportune time to take stock of what’s inside our homes and decide what we want to keep and what we want to change. One way to help you make those choices is by looking at interior design trends, which are a good indication of how more homes will look and what will appear to be ‘current’ in the coming future.

American interior designer Jordan Samson posted a TikTok in December 2023 with his predictions for what’s to come in interior design the following year. In the clip, he highlighted five styles he says will replace the hyperminimalism interior design trend we saw rule in 2022 and 2023.

Ahead, we share what Samson’s predictions for interior design trends for 2024 are.

@jordansamsondesign Rounding up my 2024 interior design predictions/observations 🫡 As always this is equal parts entertainment and information! Do what you love and let your architectural style guide you, and you will always be timeless 😎 #interiordesign #interiordesigntrends #homedecor #interiorinspo ♬ original sound – Jordan Samson

Spaces That Show Off Personality

“We are absolutely shifting towards more unique spaces with one-of-a-kind features that show off your personality like original artwork, vintage items, custom furniture and. of course, a whole lot of colour,” he says in the clip.

Interior design trend 2024
Image: Unsplash

In his eyes, 2024 will see the revival of colourful spaces. He says that while Pantone declared its Colour of the Year 2024 to be peach fuzz, he thinks it’ll be a dusty blue or a rust or reddish-brown instead.

Chocolate Brown

For neutral home lovers, Samson says that instead of using white, cream, black, and grey colour schemes, we’ll start seeing more chocolate brown and darker wood tones. “Don’t you worry, green and warm white aren’t going anywhere,” he says.

Chocolate brown interior design trend
Image: Unsplash

ELLE Décor also mentioned brown in its home colour trend predictions for 2024, quoting Carol Miller, colour and trend expert at York Wallcoverings, saying its newfound popularity is due to the emergence of the quiet luxury trend.

“We’re seeing a gravitation toward warm, understated neutrals across fashion and furnishings alike,” says Miller. Interior designer Noz Nozawa adds: “I have been waiting for brown to the be the new neutral for years.”

Appliance Garages

When it comes to appliances like coffee machines, sparkling water makers and toasters in the kitchen, Samson says hidden storage will be replaced with coffee bars and range alcoves, as well as appliance garages.

Appliance garage home interior design trend
Image: Unsplash

“The appliance garage is – well, exactly what it sounds like: a designated storage spot for your appliances,” reads a 2019 article on House Beautiful. “But, unlike the garage that stores your cars, bikes and whatever else you stash in there, this one is known for its accessibility.”

Chrome Homewares and Appliances

The best way to predict what trends are coming to interiors, Samson says, is to look to fashion. It almost always trickles down, he says.

“Which means that chrome and silver are about to take over [interiors in 2024], if it hasn’t already,” he says. “Just your friendly reminder that this is horrible for fingerprints.”

Chrome lamp
Image: McMullin & Co

Shannon Maldonado, interior designer and founder of US boutique hotel, shop and design studio, Yowie, also mentioned the chrome trend in homes when sharing her own interior predictions for 2024 with Better Homes and Gardens in December 2023.

“Previously relegated to industrial settings, polished silver and unfinished aluminium feel fresh in softer settings,” says Maldonado. “When paired with wood, tile and even soft draperies or curtains, these metals create a new romanticism with an edge.”


Finally, Samson predicts checkerboard will be popular in homes in 2024.

“It has taken over the pattern for flooring, textiles and accents,” he says. “Of course, with anything trendy, just tread lightly and make sure you really will love it, even if it falls out of popularity – especially with expensive hard finishes.”

Checkerboard home interior design trends
Image: Unsplash

Architectural Digest pointed out the checkerboard home trend in a 2021 article, writing that its revival came at a time where we had collectively experienced a great transcendence in the face of life-altering changes.

“What I think is so interesting is that it really took off during the pandemic,” Lisa Buhler, founder of fashion line Lisa Says Gah, told the publication. “Seeing people buy checkered pants when they’re not going anywhere… They’re buying it for themselves in their house.”

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