Skin Cancer Has Touched All of Our Lives — So Jim Finn Stripped Off to Make a Difference

In 2012, Jim Finn had to have a kidney transplant. While it’s been ten years since this event took place, some of the impacts of this surgery have stayed with Finn to this day. 

“I had a kidney transplant 10 years ago, so I take some immunosuppression drugs to stop my body from rejecting the kidney. One of the side effects is that they make me far more susceptible to getting melanomas, so I have to be much more vigilant than most people,” Finn tells The Latch.

“So, ever since that, I’ve been right on top of it. Really scheduling in every year to go and get a skin check.”

However, the Art vs. Science musician believes that all Aussies should be more conscious of the dangers of skin cancer. This is because we are all at risk of getting nasty melanomas.

“We’re at a very high risk of developing that, far more than people in the Northern Hemisphere. Cause we’re so much closer to the equator and we really bear the brunt of the summer sun,” says Finn. 

Because of these facts, Finn has teamed up with Skin Check Champions for their ‘Strip Off For Skin Cancer’ campaign to inspire all of us to get a skin check. 

“It’s free to get a skin check, and it literally saves people’s lives,” says Finn. “We’re still young, but we can still be affected by this.”

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It’s Photo Time

Skin Check Champions is also encouraging folks to sign up for its ‘Strip Off For Skin Cancer’ campaign, donate money to its skin cancer research fundraiser, and post a fun picture in their undies or swimmers on social media during National Skin Cancer Action Week (Nov 21-27). It’s hoped that these pics will create productive discussions surrounding skin cancer. 

When Finn had his cheeky picture taken for this campaign, he had a blast. 


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“Yeah, that was fun. I was just happy to not know much going in,” says Finn. “I just went in, and it was a very friendly bunch of people that had dressing gowns for us. Then everyone left the room and gave me some space to get changed. And off we went.”

To find our more about Skin Check Champions and their Strip Off For Skin Cancer campaign, click here.

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