Why the New Season ‘MasterChef Australia’ Will Be One of Its Most Special

MasterChef Australia 2024 details: Network 10 has confirmed the 2024 judging panel for MasterChef Australia, with Andy Allen alongside three new judges: MasterChef alumnus Poh Ling Yeow, food critic and journalist Sofia Levin, and multi–Michelin Star award-winning chef, Jean-Christophe Novelli. Meanwhile, Melissa Leong and Amaury Guichon will judge MasterChef: Dessert Masters.

MasterChef Australia is a show full of iconic moments. Who could forget Callum and Adam’s battle to create a scrumptious snow egg? Or when Billie McKay was offered her dream job to work at The Fat Duck in London? Better yet, when Julie Goodwin went down in history for winning the first season of this show? When it comes to feeding its audience wholesome entertainment, MasterChef Australia does it the best.

Soon, MasterChef Australia will be back for 2024, and the new season is sure to be filled with moments similar to its iconic predecessors. We can’t wait to see which of the new hopeful home cooks plates up the winning dish this year.

Of course, this year will also be a somewhat bittersweet one for MasterChef, after beloved judge Jock Zonfrillo passed away suddenly in April 2023. Jock first joined the series in 2019, alongside Melissa Leong and Andy Allen, and his death has prompted a major shake up to the series.

Here’s everything we know about what’s to come on MasterChef Australia 2024 so far.

MasterChef Australia’s 2024 Judges

Late last year, Melissa Leong announced that she would not be returning to judge MasterChef Australia

“Over the past four years, MasterChef Australia has infused my life with something truly magical,” Melissa said in a statement. “It has provided me with life-changing experiences that have given me the courage to continue to put myself outside of my comfort zone.”

While Melissa won’t be returning to MasterChef Australia this year, don’t worry — she’s not leaving the MasterChef family all together. She’ll still be judging MasterChef: Dessert Masters when it returns later this year.

For MasterChef Australia 2024, though, the only returning judge will be Andy Allen. This year, he’ll be joined by Poh Ling Yeow, Jean-Christophe Novelli, and Sofia Levin. Both Poh and Jean-Christophe are respected chefs, and Sofia is a top-notch food critic.

According to Sofia, joining MasterChef Australia’s 2024 judging panel is a dream job.

“The first season of MasterChef Australia aired the same year I started writing about food,” Sofia said in a statement. “By the time I graduated from journalism, I was sharing lesser-known food stories, while the show was exposing the nation to cuisines and cultures they had never considered before. Becoming a judge on MasterChef feels like two parallel paths converging, and I am giddy with excitement at the people I get to stand beside.”

MasterChef Australia’s 2024 Guest Judges

MasterChef Australia is known for its incredible guest judges. In seasons past, we’ve all craved Saransh Goila’s beautiful butter chicken and Sergio Perera’s delectable Spanish secrets. Luckily for us, MasterChef Australia is continuing its tradition of platforming stellar chefs. In 2024, one of its guest judges will be Jamie Oliver.

Jamie is a chef best known for his straightforward approach to cooking, popularised through TV shows like The Naked Chef and cookbooks with easy-to-follow recipes. The last time that Jamie was on MasterChef Australia was 2012. In a statement, Jamie said that he’s thrilled to be back in this kitchen.

“Returning to the MasterChef kitchen and spending time in Australia makes me very happy,” Jamie said. “I think MasterChef Australia is the best food show with amazing production values and an incredible story of transformation.”

Where Is MasterChef Australia 2024 Filmed?

MasterChef Australia 2024 is predominantly being filmed in the Centenary Hall, which is located at the Melbourne Showgrounds. Numerous seasons of MasterChef Australia have been filmed here, plus some other shows like Lego Masters and Thank God You’re Here.

However, MasterChef Australia is going international in 2024, and will feature three episodes filmed in Hong Kong. This city is famous for its diverse cuisine, being home to 77 Michelin-starred restaurants and over 15,000 dining establishments. 

One judge who’s particularly excited about this excursion is Andy. In a press statement, he explained that before filming this season, he hadn’t been to this city before.

“I’ve been really interested in the place for a long time,” Andy said. “I see the city’s array of food is off the charts: It’s a melting pot of different cultures, bold flavours, and one-of-a-kind ingredients.”

“Blending Michelin-starred restaurants with bustling street markets, it seems to have this world-class food culture going on. It’s so good that now myself, the other judges, and contestants can finally get amongst it this season.”

How to Watch MasterChef Australia 2024

MasterChef Australia 2024 will be airing on Network 10 and streaming on 10 Play. Miss an episode? Catch up with 10 Play.

When Does MasterChef Australia 2024 Start?

MasterChef Australia 2024 will premiere at 7.30pm on Monday, April 22, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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