Searching for the Perfect Baby Name? IKEA Just Released a Furniture-Inspired Moniker List

Baby names

Finding the perfect name for a baby can be exhausting, to say the least. You finally settle on one and then your partner remembers they had a classmate by that same name who bullied them. Or your mum has trouble pronouncing it. Or you think of a name that might be a better fit.

Fortunately, IKEA has felt your pain and thrown you a bone by releasing a directory filled with baby names that’ll help get you inspired or to add to your consideration list.

“We at IKEA have given names to products for more than 70 years,” wrote the Swedish giant alongside its baby name catalogue, released on the Norwegian version of its website. “So, if you are completely stuck, or just want some inspiration, here, you will find over 800 boy names and girl names. Everything from popular Ivar to more rare names like Moalie.”

IKEA baby names
Image: IKEA

Why now, you’re asking? Turns out, Norway and other Nordic countries are currently experiencing a baby boom, which we, personally, think could be the result of people being cooped up during lockdowns.

“In the aftermath of the pandemic, we have seen both a shortage of raw materials and challenges with delivery times, but in Norway there is at least no shortage of children,” IKEA Norway wrote in a statement. “Now IKEA wants to help new parents find a name for their child.”

As for the names all being furniture-inspired, well, they’re not exactly. While they are names IKEA has used for its own furniture, the products monikers were inspired by Swedish towns, lakes and other geographical features, as well as names for people – think Adam, Edward and Nelson.

Alongside each name is its meaning and the year the IKEA furniture piece with that same name was released. Some of our favourites:

Avalanche – Stands steady, with a luminous future (1988)

Bambi – Playful and childish (1955)

Dafne – Need rest after the meal (1960)

Figge – Does not take up much space, but takes good care of others (1956)

Hanne – Beskytter de rundt seg (1983)

Jarl – Is anything but ordinary (1960)

Nelson – Has the cleaning gene inside (1975)

Pax – Comes in all possible sizes and shapes (2018)

Terje – An all-in-one type with talent for writing, heart space and creativity (1954)

Scroll the whole list of IKEA-inspired baby names here.

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