5 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Kids’ Teachers to Show Them You Care

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Teaching children is arguably one of the toughest jobs, requiring the utmost patience and, most importantly, compassion. So, for that, teachers should be appropriately thanked for their efforts with the perfect opportunity to do so during the holidays.

This holiday season, gift your kids’ teachers something that shows them just how much you appreciate them. A thoughtful gift can demonstrate you know the key role they’re playing in your kids’ lives. Ahead, we share five of our favourite category suggestions.


While homewares are an excellent gift option for teachers, this category does sometimes require you to know a bit about the teacher, mainly their style preferences, before selecting the actual gift. That said, there are plenty of small homewares you can buy that are almost guaranteed to fit in with any home setting.

Some ideas for homewares include cushion covers with beautiful prints (like this Shibori Cushion in Star Indio, $88), a sculptural vase (like this Jones & Co Black Spotted Vase, $32) or a fancy soap dish (like Fazeek Wave Soap Dish, $45).

Wave soap dish

Personalised Gifts

A personalised gift will really touch a teacher’s heart, particularly if it’s a thoughtful item. It’ll show them you’ve really taken both time and effort choosing their gift.

Some ideas for personalised gifts include weekly planners, $34.95, from Etsy, or initialled wallets or tech accessories from The Personal Print.

The Personal Print

Alcohol Gift Sets

An alcohol gift set will let your kid’s teacher try different versions of their favourite tipple, whether that be red wine, whiskey or even non-alcoholic beer.

And while there are kits now for every kind of drink (our favourites include Cocktail Porter Espresso Martini Mini Kit, $69.95, Aperol Spritz Gift Pack, $34.95, and Brunswick Aces Non-Alcoholic Beer Advent Calendar, $99), if you want to create a bundle on your own, buy a wooden box or straw basket and some tissue paper and pack in some cans, like FELLR’s alcoholic seltzers, or a bottle, like Tanica, a low-sugar, light alcohol botanical spirit, $58, with some mixers.

If you’re buying gifts for several teachers at your kid’s school, making your own gift sets works well as you can buy cans or bottles in bulk.

Aperol Spritz

Self-Care Hampers or Bundles

Everyone appreciates self-care items, teachers included. Like with the alcohol gift set, you can buy a set ready-made for convenience, or get a nice-looking vessel and pack your own.

Sephora, Adore Beauty or Mecca have a great selection of existing make-up or skincare sets. If, instead of a set or DIY beauty hamper, you want to get a single item, consider a luxury fragrance, like Roemy Solstice Traveller, $69, or after-shave like Dior Homme Aftershave Balm, $90.

Group Gifts

And finally, if you want to band together with other parents and get your kid’s teacher a present that’s on the pricier side, they’re sure to really appreciate the gesture, not to mention the gift. Remember that too many cooks in the kitchen are never a good idea so one parent will need to take the lead on this and make the final decision.

Site Group Together lets you easily collect money from parents, as well as choose the gift from a curated list. Highlights include a Wine and Cheese Tasting in Victoria, $140, AYU Perfume Oil, $90 and Bondi Born Turkish & Terry Beach Towel, $80.

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