This Is How Mercury Retrograde Is Going to Mess With You

Mercury Retrograde

The first Mercury retrograde of the year has officially kicked off and it’s already wreaking havoc on me. Help.

In 2020 alone, we’ll experience three episodes of Mercury retrograde. The second event will take place from June 17 to July 12 and the last one is October 13 to November 3. 

The current Mercury retrograde, which started on February 16, is taking place in Pisces, and will finish on March 16 in Aquarius. 

According to the AstroTwins, Mercury rules technology, travel and communication. For me, this has manifested into a total failure of all technology around me. 

It started with my phone. I used it, popped it down for a moment and came back to use it and the touch screen had stopped working. It doesn’t respond to anything. While it might have been slightly water damaged due to the recent rain, I can’t rule out the influence of Mercury.

Thankfully my phone still works when I use a stylus pen. But now, with the stylus, I look like a boomer struggling to text.

Next up was my work laptop. I recently started a wonderful new role here at The Latch— and faced a number of technical issues over the first few days. The laptop unexpectedly jumps between tabs, cuts out constantly and just restarts while I’m in the middle of work. Not ideal on my second day of work!

And finally, after the mobile drama, I ordered a brand spanking new phone. Shortly after placing the order, I received an email from the company that said they were facing global IT system outages and all orders would be delayed for who knows how long. Joy.

What does Mercury retrograde actually mean?

According to The AstroTwins, Mercury passes the Earth a few times a year.

“As it rounds the bend, Mercury slows down and appears to stop (station) and spin backward (retrograde).”

Apparently it doesn’t really move backwards but when it passes Earth, it creates the illusion that Mercury is actively moving back. 

While the actual retrograde period lasts around three weeks, it also casts a “shadow period”. This means you can feel the same effect a couple of weeks before and after the official dates.

How to handle retrograde

While I have well and truly struggled with technology, your retrograde experience could manifest differently. Anything from a cancelled or missed flight, a loss of data or a miscommunication with a loved one could happen.

The general consensus among astrologers is that during Mercury retrograde, try to avoid starting anything new. The AstroTwins recommend focusing on activities that start with “re”. 

“Review all your contracts before you sign. Renew your commitments, rather than making new ones. Prepare to repeat yourself often. Reunite with old friends. Redecorate a room. Rekindle a romance.”

Although when it comes to rekindling an old romance or friendship, The AstroTwins advise caution. Sometimes the person merely comes back into your life for closure. But, don’t be surprised if one of your past lovers slides into your DMs before retrograde ends.

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