Everything You Need for the Ultimate Grooming Kit

Grooming Tools

Maintaining your personal hygiene doesn’t have to be tricky or time-consuming, especially when you have the correct instruments on hand.

Having a few good quality grooming tools in your kit means that you’ll always be looking sharp and put together with not a lot of effort.

Safety razor

While it’s probably easier to quickly run an electric razor across your facial hair, there’s nothing quite like shaving with a proper razor. And, this one is as chic as a safety razor can get. Created by Melbourne brand, Aesop, this razor has a chrome-plated blade head, which helps to achieve a closer shave. This one is sold with ten Merkur Solingen razor blades.

Aesop Double-Edge Razor, $105


Grooming Tools

Shaving brush

If you’d rather steer clear of the traditional bristles made from badger or boar, this brush is right up your alley. Made from 100% synthetic bristles that are hand-tied, this will apply shaving cream just as well as a badger bristle brush. It will also look damn classy in your bathroom.

Simpsons Synthetic Badger Shaving Brush Chubby 2, $149


Grooming Tools

Shaving bowl

When your razor and shaving brush are the epitome of minimalist cool, you need a shaving bowl to match. This porcelain mug has a high brim and an easy to grip handle. It also retains heat well and keeps your shaving cream warm, which assists with a more comfortable shave.

Edwin Jagger Shaving Mug Faux Ivory, $47.99

Grooming Tools
Edwin Jagger

Manicure set

Keeping your nails neat and tidy should be a priority — dirty nails are never a good look. This nine-piece manicure kit has everything you need to maintain your nails, as well as a pair of tweezers for keeping your ear and nose hairs in check. Plus, the tweezers can be used on any rogue eyebrow hairs.

Geoffrey Beene 9 Piece Manicure Set, $79.95

Grooming Tools
Geoffrey Beene

Hair trimmer

If you prefer rocking the 5 o’clock shadow look, then a facial hair trimmer is probably better suited to you. This seven-piece set by Braun is super versatile and can be used for beard styling, hair clipping and body grooming.

Braun 7 in 1 Multi Grooming Kit, $119

Grooming Tools


Keeping your hair tidy (à la Elvis Presley) is a necessity. To help keep your mop in form, this hairbrush is your best friend. The price tag might seem steep, but this brand has been producing hairbrushes since 1885, and to this day, the brushes are still handmade in England. The brushes come in a variety of styles for different hair types and from all anecdotal reports, they seriously last a lifetime.

Mason Pearson Bristle/Nylon Pocket Brush, $145

Grooming Tools
Mason Pearson

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