Why Genderless Skincare Brands Are the Future of the Beauty Industry

The conversation around binary gender roles is one that continues to grow, especially when it comes to personal care products.

Genderless beauty brands have started to infiltrate the market and it’s a step in the right direction. These brands are catering for everyone.

When it comes to men and women’s skin, there is a difference. In general, men’s skin is thicker and there is a contrast in texture and pore size, but this is why products should be chosen based on your skin needs, rather than your gender.

So, when selecting genderless products, consider what concerns you are trying to address be it oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, acne, pigmentation, signs of ageing etc.

Genderless skincare brands

There are a bunch of genderless beauty brands who are changing the game, but these are a few of our faves…


Australian brand MERE blends science and nature to create products that penetrate beyond your skin’s superficial layer. All of the products are packaged in chic, unisex violet bio-photonic glass, which selectively filters damaging light rays.

Our pick: MERE Bio-Divergent Cleansing Oil Complex, $48

Filled with nine oils including Active Australian Seabuckthorn Oil and Active Australian Wattle Seed Oil, this cleanser melts away impurities, pollution (and makeup) from the skin. It’s super gentle and can even be used around the eyes. Despite being oil-based, this product is perfect for all skin types as it’s super nourishing, helps boosts the skin’s natural protective barrier and balances the natural oil produced by the skin.



Melbourne-based brand Aēsop is a lesson in creating luxe, genderless products that appeal to everyone. Aēsop offers products for skin, hair and body care and source plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients for their beauty products.

Our product pick: Aēsop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste, $60

This cream-based formulation is filled with fine quartz and lactic acid to remove dead skin cells and leave skin feeling soft and smooth. While this product is good for most skin types, it’s particularly useful for those living in cooler climates, people who shave and frequent travelers.



Founded by an Australian naturopath, ASARAI uses natural Aussie botanicals and ditches scary ingredients to create simple and effective skincare.

Our product pick: ASARAI Ultralight Moisture Cream, $49

Packed with vitamins, this light moisturiser hydrates your skin while also creating a light barrier to prevent pollution from the outside world interfering with your skin. It also helps protect against free radicals, is fast absorbing and non-greasy.