‘Game on Mole’ Is the Campaign Encouraging You to Check Your Skin

The phrase “game on mole” has had a bit of a makeover, thanks to the team at Melanoma Institute Australia. In fact, this catchy phrase is the name of the campaign launched by the non-profit organisation to encourage people to check their skin and seek medical advice if they notice any changes.

Now in its second year, Game on Mole calls on Australians to don a limited-edition ‘Game on Mole’ T-shirt and share selfies on social media with the hashtag #gameonmole in order to start life-saving conversations around sun safety and skin health.

One Australian is expected to be diagnosed with melanoma every half an hour this year, which prompted Olympian and melanoma survivor, Cate Campbell, to front the campaign for the second year running.

“I am living proof that early detection is vital to saving lives from melanoma,’ said Campbell, who has a scar on her arm from her melanoma surgery. “We need to be having discussions about sun safety and checking your skin for changes, and I encourage all Aussies to buy a T-shirt, wear it proudly, and start those life-saving conversations.”

Instagram @gameonmole_

There are a number of different unisex T-shirt and polo shirt designs to choose from, in a variety of colours including black, white and blue. Each shirt features the catchphrase ‘Game on Mole’ on the chest or back, which according to Melanoma Institute Australia’s CEO, Matthew Browne, allows people to use humour to relay a serious message.

“We know Australians love a laugh almost as much as they love soaking up the sun,’ Browne said. “But melanoma is no laughing matter, with one Australian dying from the disease every five hours and it being the most common cancer impacting 15 to 39-year-olds.

“The strength of this campaign lies in its capacity to empower all Australians to be a part of the solution by wearing a T-shirt that begs the question ‘What is that about?’ It’s a great conversation starter about what is largely a preventable disease.”

Instagram @gameonmole_

Purchasing a T-shirt will not only help spread the message of the importance of sun safety (coupled with regular skin checks), but the funds from the T-shirt sales also help fund the ongoing research by Melanoma Institute Australia into new treatments that help save lives from melanoma. This is also a great reminder to keep an eye on your moles and pay a visit to the GP, skin cancer clinic or dermatologist if you notice any changes to your skin.

To purchase a Game on Mole T-shirt, head to the Game on Mole website and follow the campaign via Instagram.

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