This Clean, Oat Milk-Based Foundation Will Give You Dewy Skin for Summer

Ere Perez is a brand that prides itself on creating clean, vegan and fuss-free beauty products. Growing up in Mexico, founder Ere Perez was inspired both by the homemade beauty remedies created by her mother and her grandfather, who was a traditional medicine man.

Perez co-founded the brand with her husband Juan in 2004 and launched with one mascara. These days, the Ere Perez brand produces products across the categories of skincare, makeup and nails.

One of the cult products from the brand is the Oat Milk Foundation — a base product formulated with natural oat milk, peach and vitamin E. The formula is buildable and offers medium to full coverage but is free of impurities so won’t irritate your skin or clog your pores.

There are currently eight shades in the Oat Milk Foundation range but according to Perez, there are plans to extend this in order to make it more inclusive. I wear the lightest shade, called Latte, and was quite surprised upon first application as it seemed quite pale against my already fair skin.

I found that as soon as I started to buff the product it with a makeup brush, it melted easily into the skin and that stark colour mellowed to work with my complexion.

While the coverage is buildable, the first time I used the foundation, I was experiencing a few hormonal blemishes, and going forward, I wouldn’t reach for this product to cover blemishes. It’s a personal choice but for me, when I want them covered, I want them completely covered and this didn’t cut it in that sense.

On the flip side, if you do have acne-prone skin and you’re not as fussed about coverage, this foundation is a good option as it doesn’t clog pores and in turn, won’t further exacerbate blemishes.

For me personally, this is the perfect foundation to wear when I’m having a “good skin day” where I want to enhance my complexion rather than cover it. This product evens out my skin tone and leaves my complexion looking dewy and bright, while also allowing my skin to breathe, which in my books, makes for a perfect summer foundation.

In terms of longevity, after wearing it for a few full days of working from home (not the most rigorous of tests, I’ll admit), it didn’t slide off my face or make me feel overly shiny, which for a natural product is a big win.

If you have sensitive skin or are simply on the hunt for a clean base product that won’t clog your pores, you should definitely give the Oat Milk Foundation a go. Shop the Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation via MECCA for $46.

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