Space Efficient Exercise Equipment to Add to Your Home


Working out from home can easily get repetitive and falling into an exercise rut is common, which is why heading to a gym class can be easier and more engaging. But, if you’re unable to get to the gym, there are a few exercise accessories that could help.

While not everyone has the space to set up an entire gym in their home, there are a few pieces of equipment you can add that won’t take up tonnes of space but will give you some more workout inspiration.

Adapt X1

The X1 is basically the jack of all trades of exercise. The piece of equipment delivers a full-body workout and can be adapted to you.

Simply attach the small apparatus to a wall and you’ll be able to complete over 50 exercises and 100 workout combinations. It allows you to adjust the equipment to suit your height and you can choose how heavy the weight is during your workout.

Adapt X1 Complete Pack, $429 (the equipment is usually $599 but is currently on sale!)

Adapt X1
Adapt X1

Skipping rope

An affordable and easy addition to your home gym set up is a skipping rope. According to Live Strong, skipping is great for fat loss and improved cardiovascular health. When you skip, your heart rate increases and transports oxygenated blood around the body.

Skipping is also great for muscle tone and, as a low impact exercise, it can be easier on the body than running. You can pick up a skipping rope from a range of places, but Target sells a weighted jump rope that makes your workout a little harder.

Target Weighted Skipping Rope, $4

Skipping Rope


If you haven’t used sliders before, you’re in for a challenge. When using sliders, your body is forced to engage muscles so it’s a great way to build strength. And, because these little discs are tiny, it’s also a breeze to store. Self has compiled a handy guide of 11 different ways you can use sliders in your workout if you’re in need of inspiration.

Kmart sells a four-pack of Sliders for $8. Otherwise, Rebel stock carpet sliders and hard floor sliders, so you can purchase according to the surface you’ll be using the sliders on.

SPRI Bodyweight Sliders, $29.95


Hand weights

Keeping a few dumbbells or a kettlebell around the house won’t take up much space but will greatly help to up the ante of your workouts. You can simply buy a pair of dumbbells in whatever weight you prefer, or invest in a dumbbell rack that comes with three different weights.

Kettlebells are great for a whole body workout and can improve coordination and strength. Rebel recommends the following when first using a kettlebell: “Start off by simply carrying a kettlebell around for a period every day, lifting it, swinging it, passing it from hand to hand. As your strength and co-ordination develop you can move on to routines, exercises and heavier weights.”

Celsius 8kg Kettlebell Weight, $44.99


Foam roller

Using a foam roller is a necessary evil. If you haven’t used a foam roller before, we’re not going to lie, it’s not fun (and can kind of hurt sometimes). But, the results are worth it.

According to Healthline, foam rolling can help ease muscle pain and increase range of motion for those who exercise regularly. And, a foam roller can be used before or after a workout — use before to help reduce muscle tension or post-workout to cooldown. Healthline has a detailed how-to for foam rolling, otherwise, there are a plethora of videos on YouTube for how to effectively use a foam roller.

Kmart Foam Roller, $8

Foam Rolling
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Always consult your doctor before making drastic changes to your health and fitness routine.

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