3 Kitchen Cabinet Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Kitchen cabinet

We spend roughly an hour in our kitchens a day (and likely more hours than that on the weekends), so it’s worth spending some time making sure your cupboards are organised, clutter-free, and that your kitchen and dinnerware are easy to access.

While there are so many different ways to organise said cupboards, these simple hacks that Instagram ‘organiser influencer’ (yep, that’s a real thing) Cindyology shared to her page recently will make stacking your kitchen shelves that much easier. In a video on her page that’s been liked nearly 34,000 times, the organising pro shared three ways to place wine glasses, bowls and cups in your cabinet so that they best fit.

Turn Every Other Wine Glass Upside Down

If you’ve ever found that you don’t have enough shelf space for your wine glasses, when placing them in your cabinet, try turning every other glass rim-down. This configuration works like a Tetris, making use of the dead space caused by the stem and base.

Use a Shelf Insert

Another hack that’s particularly handy if you have tall cabinets, but not that many shelves, is to add in a shelf insert. This way, you can stack separate dinnerwear pieces and still make them easy to grab. For instance, you might stack plates below the shelf insert and bowls above it. This way, you won’t have to pull a plate out from under a towering stack.

Stack Every Other Mug on Its Side

And finally, the last kitchen cupboard hack pertains to mugs. Rather than stacking one on inside another mug the right way up, try turning the top mug on its side. This way, it’ll better fit into the bottom mug and you won’t risk having it fall out and break when you open the cabinet door.

Head here to check out the video yourself and see the expert stacking in action.

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