The Colour Trend Has Come For Our Cutting Boards

Colourful cutting boards

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American interior designer Jordan Samson has recently said on TikTok that the days of hyperminimalism in interior design are gone, making way for one style we’ll be seeing more and more of in 2024.

“We are absolutely shifting towards more unique spaces with one-of-a-kind features that show off your personality like original artwork, vintage items, custom furniture and. of course, a whole lot of colour,” Samson said.

Part of that trend is colourful cutting boards. Forget the usual wood or plastic material, cutting boards are these days being injected with colour, often so aesthetically pleasing, they’re also doubling as serving boards.

In 2021, a writer for US publication Bon Appetit sang the praises of one such colourful chopping board – a confetti cutting board by New York design studio Fredericks and Mae. She described it as being both low-maintenance and functional.

“[…] has the durability of my everyday black boards, the beauty of my wooden ones, and a lot more personality than both,” the article reads before going on to sing the praises of the cutting board, which comes in yellow and blue, multicoloured and black and white.

“Did I mention it’s made from recycled materials?” it reads. “Those confetti specks are leftover scraps from solid colour cutting boards. It definitely has a higher price point than your average plastic board, but investing in sustainability, to me, is worth it.”

Bed Threads’ Journal wrote of Fredericks and Mae cutting boards: “These delightful boards make for a stunning foundation for serving everything from the ultimate cheese platter to indulgent desserts.”

While Fredericks and Mae don’t ship to Australia, it is stocked at the Sydney gift shop Sorry Thanks I Love You, Melbourne’s Third Drawer Down, and is available online through Australian e-tailer Hands.

Australian homewares brand House of Nunu also has a similar cutting board, made from food-safe HDPE plastic. Global e-tailer CookDineHost also has a similar board.

If you’re keen to get in on the colourful cutting board trend, ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best options around.

Fredericks & Mae Cutting Board, $179

Colourful cutting board confetti

House of Nunu Choppy Board, $99

Colour chopping boards

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