The Dyson Corrale Straightener Takes Hairstyling to a New Level


Dyson recently released a flash new hair straightener — the third hairstyling product the brand has launched in the last few years, following its Supersonic hairdryer and Airwrap styler.

As with all Dyson products, the research and development poured into this product is mindblowing. It took the team seven years to develop and perfect the Dyson Corrale. With great innovation comes a pretty hefty price tag, with the straightener costing $699. Forking out that amount of money on a hairstyling product is understandably not viable for everyone.

Made with brand new flexing plate technology, the straightener is able to gather the hair and apply even heat and tension to all strands. The straightener has three heat settings —165°C, 185°C and 210°C — which means it works on all hair types from thin to thick and coarse to curly.

The Dyson Corrale is also cordless with a built-in battery pack that has a life of up to 30 minutes. Should you forget to charge your straightener, you can also use the tool when it’s plugged into the 360° swivel charging cable.

After using the device over the last two weeks, I’ve discovered that the battery life isn’t amazing, but I have been getting two uses out of it before it needs charging again. The straightener comes with a dock that it sits in and charges, so charging the device isn’t a hassle. But, you do have to keep it on charge most of the time if you wish to use it cordless.

When it comes to actually straightening hair, it does a really good job. As someone who has quite thick and coarse hair, I have often used straighteners that operate at a high-heat. With the Dyson Corrale, I’ve been using the second heat setting (185°C) and it’s been great. It only takes roughly 10 minutes to straighten my hair with the Dyson Corrale — with my previous straightener it would take at least 15 minutes.

And given I have such coarse hair, I usually have to go over one piece of a hair a few times to get it straight but the Dyson does it with one or two swipes. Since using this product my hair has also been a lot softer and shinier after styling (I’ve received compliments via Zoom so it’s obviously noticeable).

I’ve also been using the device to put soft waves in my hair and despite the straightener being a fair bit heavier than others (due to the battery pack), it isn’t uncomfortable to maneuver around your head for curling

As someone who uses heat styling tools multiple times a week, I’ve loved using this product. It’s great. But would I spend $699 on it? Honestly, I don’t think I would as there are many other, less exciting things that money could go towards.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Dyson Corrale straightener from Dyson for the purposes of this review and I’ll definitely continue to keep using it because as far as hairstyling tools go, it’s the best one I’ve ever used.

If you have super curly hair or are a professional hairstylist, I think this would be perfect for you. Straightening curly hair is a mission and the Dyson Corrale would make this whole process a lot easier.

The Dyson Corrale can be purchased from Dyson.com.au and in person at the Dyson Demo Store — Beauty Lab in Sydney’s QVB. The Dyson Corrale straightener will also be available at Myer, David Jones, Sephora and Adore Beauty from Friday, May 29.

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