‘MasterChef Australia’: Curtis Stone Is Back With a Service Challenge

masterchef australia curtis stone

Last night’s episode of MasterChef Australia: Secrets and Surprises saw the contestants recreate Luke Nguyen’s famous Beef Pho, but with one catch — they didn’t have a recipe. We saw them sweat, but something tells us tonight’s challenge will push them to the limit.

Entering the MasterChef kitchen once again is none other than Curtis Stone. This time, Stone has set a service challenge for the top 10 contestants, and it’s all about root vegetables.

Who Is Curtis Stone?

You might have seen him on the cover of Coles’ monthly magazine, or spotted his headshot on a chocolate bar. Some may remember the days he was on TV, cooking just about anywhere. Regardless, Curtis Stone is an Australian-born celebrity chef, author, TV personality, and all-around Australian favourite.

Stone gained international recognition through his appearances on various television cooking shows. Over his career, he’s appeared on shows like Surfing the Menu, Dinner in a Box, and Take Home Chef, where he surprised shoppers and helped them prepare meals at home. These shows brought him widespread popularity and established him as a charismatic and approachable chef.

In addition to his television work, Stone has also written several cookbooks, including Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone and What’s for Dinner? Delicious Recipes for a Busy Life. He also opened his own restaurant, Maude, in Beverly Hills, California, which focuses on seasonal tasting menus.

Curtis Stone continues to be an influential figure in the culinary world, with his emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients and simple yet flavourful cooking techniques.

Does Curtis Stone Have Any Restaurants in Australia?

Stone doesn’t have any restaurants in Australia, but he cooks for Princess Cruise’s premium fleet of cruise liners.

Stone also owns Maude, in Beverly Hills, a Michelin-starred, 24-seat restaurant revolving around a seasonal menu.

Nearby, Stone also owns Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant, another elegant dining experience in the heart of Hollywood. Gwen is an ode to his maternal grandmother, who lived on a farm in regional Victoria.

How Many Michelin Stars Does Curtis Stone Have?

In 2014, when Stone opened Maude, it was awarded one Michelin star, which it still holds today.

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