The Colour Pink Can Reduce Anxiety and Make You Feel Calm


The colour blue, in all its various shades, has long been considered to be the most calming colour. 

Especially when compared to red, which is associated as being hot, fiery and intense. Blue, on the other hand, can provide feelings of depth, stability and calmness. Think of the ocean and sky and you’ll most likely feel these vibes.

But, according to research, the most calming shade in the colour palette is actually pink. The specific hue is called Bailey-Miller pink.

The colour has previously been used in prisons, psychiatric institutions and gaol “drunk tanks” to help induce calmness and reduce aggression and anxiety.

But, further research has also found that when used long term, in a prison for instance, it can have the opposite effect and cause agitation among inmates as they can become desensitised. So, small doses are the way forward.

Pink is the new blue

The pink discovery was made by research scientist Alexander Schauss in the 1970s. To test his theory, Schauss convinced Naval academy directors Gene Baker and Ron Miller to use the colour in a prison.

As reported in Apartment Therapy, inmates exposed to a pink coloured holding cell became noticeably less hostile and aggressive. 

Schauss detailed the results in his ‘Tranquilizing Effect of Colour’ report in 1979 and noted that those confined in the pink cell “only required a maximum of 15 minutes of exposure to ensure that the potential for violent or aggressive behavior had been reduced. The effect continues for fully thirty minutes after release from the cell!”

According to Schauss, the colour therapy was successful because it “affects the endocrine system causing a tranquilizing effect on the muscle system. The effect can not be controlled by conscious or unconscious effort.”

So, while most of us might associate the colour pink with love and romance, you can also employ it as a tool of relaxation. Also worth noting — in 2017, Kendall Jenner revealed she painted a room in her house this colour, as it also is scientifically proven to suppress your appetite. Refinery29 does a good job at unpacking why this is problematic. 

We’re all about the calming factor. So next time you’re feeling highly strung, consider surrounding yourself with pink coloured decor to induce calm, especially in your bedroom. This linen doona cover from Dazed But Amazed fits the bill perfectly.

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