What Happens When a Client Falls In Love With an Escort

More and more, people are opening up to relationship arrangements that do not rely on monogamous constructs. Regardless of how happy you are in your relationship, it’s almost impossible to get everything you need and want from just one other human being. 

In today’s social world, sex workers are portrayed in a more respectful and human light than in previous decades, and it’s about time. Sex workers and escorts provide a service to many that is extremely beneficial, both for sexual and mental health.

Although it may feel very Pretty Woman to fall in love with an escort, it absolutely happens in real life, and there should be no shame surrounding that. Sex workers are some of the most gorgeous, personable and understanding people you’ll ever meet and Alina Ambrosia is a perfect example. 

After seeing one particular client for over a year, the two began developing feelings for one another. He fell in love with her and the feeling is mutual. He’s married with kids and extremely high-up in his field of work, but they maintain a secret relationship that they are both committed to making long-term. 

I was intrigued by their story, and so I spoke to Ambrosia’s client. This is their story, in his words:

The Latch: Tell us about yourself. 

Client: I’m a professional with business interests. I’m reasonably fit and active, and super keen on sport, particularly sailing, skiing and golf. I love good booze and food, I love long lunches, travel and music. I wouldn’t call myself wealthy, but I’m definitely financially comfortable. I won’t say my exact age, but I am quite a bit older than Alina, although personally don’t feel much of an age difference.

TL: Were you looking for a romantic connection outside your marriage?

C: I wasn’t looking for a connection with any emotional involvement. I’ve never felt monogamous and that didn’t change with marriage, so I took the approach of seeing regular escorts. I thought this would be the best option for one-off flings, because I really wasn’t after an affair.

I’ve certainly felt varying degrees of friendship with escorts, sometimes over years but nothing more serious. I know it’s not deemed a particularly admiral way to go about life, but that was just my thing. I was neither looking for nor expecting to really ‘connect’ with anyone until I met Alina.

TL: What were your first impressions of Alina? 

C: Alina looked different in real life than she had in photos I’d been shown by a mutual friend. As soon as we sat, had a drink and talked, we started talking very comfortably about things that didn’t usually come up with other escorts, personal things.

I became increasingly intrigued by the woman in front of me, who had such a zest for life and made me laugh. Then, once we got down to ‘business’, she was on another level for me in that respect as well. I would be lying if I didn’t say I thought she was totally out of the ordinary and very special. There was no doubt that I wanted to see a lot more of her. 

sex worker
Alina Ambrosia. Supplied.

TL: When did you realise that you were falling for her?

C: I fell in love with her in a matter of weeks. There wasn’t a specific ‘light bulb’ moment, but it didn’t take me long to start feeling something deeper with her, as we felt connected on so many levels.

It became this inevitable progression that I couldn’t deny, but hadn’t expected at all. There’s never been any doubt that Alina is the best lover I’d ever known, but the realisation of a strong connection turned from lust to love relatively fast. 

TL: Were you afraid to tell her how you felt?

C: Funnily enough, no. I am usually quite reticent about expressing my feelings, especially if they make me vulnerable, but I had no qualms at all about telling Alina how I felt and even less in telling her often.

I started by complimenting her looks and her sexual performances, telling her tongue-in-cheek that she ticked this box and that box, but it quickly progressed to expressing feelings. Of course, it became easier as she expressed that the feeling was mutual, but she’s extremely open and I’ve never felt embarrassed being effusive about how I think of her, even though I know it can sometimes be repetitive and over the top.

TL: Do you feel at all guilty for falling in love outside your marriage?

C: Yes, that’s an issue for me for sure. My marriage has changed over time, but it’s complicated and everything varies a lot.

TL: Is it difficult to keep your love story with Alina such a secret?

C: It’s very difficult to be secretive about the best woman I have ever met. But there are so many consequences of us going public, a lot of people would be hurt. So at this stage, we’re just enjoying our time together.

TL: How do you deal with the moral boundaries that require you to keep this part of your life secretive?

C: I don’t think that being unfaithful is much of a more issue these days. Many, if not most people cheat in some form, and people have different ways of dealing with it when it affects them. Personally, I deal with these moral boundaries by effectively ignoring them, but being carefully secretive about doing so. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that almost everyone I know both personally and in business, would be highly critical of me if they knew I was in a relationship with a woman I met as an escort, and who continues to work as an escort. 

TL: Did you ever expect to fall in love again? 

C: No, I was completely blindsided by falling in love with Alina, but it feels absolutely fantastic and I can’t believe how lucky I am.

TL: Have you made any future plans together?

C: Not specifically, although we often reassure each other that this relationship is long-term and we plan lots of events for the future. The answer to the real question about the future is that I’m acutely aware that Alina is much younger than me and has an enviable lifestyle with many great friends and that would not be super compatible with a full-time relationship with me.

She also knows the consequences for me, so we’re not making any ‘promises’ along those lines. Whilst I would definitely prefer to be openly in a full-time relationship with Alina, if she would have me, there are things we’d have to work through and we’re not at that place. I am just happy to have her in my life.

TL: How do you manage keeping a marriage together, and being in love with someone else?

C: The short answer is by being secretive. The longer answer is that we are still working out what we do about all of this, so I’m waiting to see what happens rather than being committed to maintaining the status quo.

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