Listen to Diddy, Ariana Huffington and Nick Jonas Guide You Through Meditation Exercises


While 2020 has brought about many awful things, this has got to be a highlight.

You can now zen out to the dulcet tones of Diddy in a brand new guided meditation exercise.

Audible, in partnership with Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global, has launched 10 new audio experiences that are free to access.

There are 10 titles to listen to, including a sleep meditation with Diddy called ‘Honour Yourself’ as well as bedtime stories, sound baths and more. These exercises are guided by sleep, meditation and wellness experts including Gabby Bernstein, Sara Auster and Jesse Israel.

Nick Jonas has also recorded a bedtime story called ‘The Perfect Swing’, which is perfect for quieting down your busy brain.

Nick Jonas

Ariana Huffington is passionate about living a balanced life and the importance of sleep. Her company, Thrive Global, has a mission “to end the burnout epidemic” and “go beyond raising awareness and create something real and tangible that would help individuals, companies and communities improve their well-being and performance and unlock their greatest potential.”

Huffington revealed on Instagram that Diddy actually asked her to be his sleep coach last year.

“Well, the teacher has now become the student because I’ve been listening to Diddy’s guided Sleep Meditation ever since we did the recording,” she wrote.

Huffington also reinforced how important sleep really is, especially during times of stress.

“In ordinary times, sleep is essential to every aspect of our well-being,” she wrote. “In extraordinary times of uncertainty, anxiety and stress, getting the sleep we need is more important than ever.”

Diddy posted a snippet of his meditation on Instagram and we’ve got to say, it’s a vibe.

Listen below:

You can access and download Audible’s free meditation content through the Audible app. The 10 titles will be free to listen to until May 21, so get in quick!

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