Bodyweight Exercises Just as Effective as Jogging for Cardio


We’re just going to say it: running isn’t for everyone. While some love it, others just can’t seem to find the connection to it and that’s OK. But, there is a big plus for running and it’s heart health.

Running is great for your heart and is a common form of cardiovascular exercise that is easy and cheap. In fact, a study from 2014 looked at data from over 55,000 adults and found that runners had a 30% lower risk of death than non-runners.

But, if you’re not down to hit the pavement as your cardio, we have some very good news. A recent study out of the University of Pristina in Kosovo has found that bodyweight exercises are just as effective as a form of cardio as running.

According to Men’s Health, researchers found that it makes no difference to your overall health whether you choose to go for a run or do a bodyweight session.

The researchers chose to split the 57 student participants into three groups — one took part in strength-based circuits, one did endurance training on a treadmill and the other did nothing.

The two groups who participated in different exercises ended up recording remarkably similar results including lower body fat measurements at the end of the study.

Researchers concluded that both forms of exercise were beneficial for your cardiovascular system, so you can do a bodyweight session at home in favour of going for a run and you’re still doing something good for your heart.

According to U Miami, engaging in regular moderate or vigorous aerobic exercise that gets your heart pumping will increase its longevity and keep it healthy as you age. Activities like cycling, swimming and dancing are also effective ways to engage in heart-healthy exercise.

The bottom line here is to move your body in whatever way feels best to you and get your heart pumping regularly.

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