Struggling With Red, Inflamed and Dry Skin? Enter: Calming Jojoba by Jojoba Company

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This little bottle of golden liquid by The Jojoba Company is the ultimate dry skin quencher. If you’re suffering from weather-induced scaly skin, like me, you need this liquid gold in your life.

The latest launch from The Jojoba Company, Calming Jojoba is enriched with bisabolol, moringa, chamomile, camelia and lavender oils, which soothe inflammation and calm redness while also deeply moisturising your skin. It’s also super gentle and can be used on the most sensitive of skin.

The oil can be used as a face, body, bath and massage oil and I’ve taken to slathering it over my whole body to combat overall dryness. And, the lavender scent is really a selling point for me as I feel automatically relaxed at the first whiff.  If I had a bath in my house, I’d most definitely be adding a few squirts to the water before diving in.

Discovered by the Native Americans centuries ago, jojoba is the only plant to store liquid wax in its seeds. This wax also shares the same molecular structure as the natural oils in your skin, which means it works with your skin to help fix itself.


This quality has worked particularly well with my sensitive skin. Every winter without fail, I experience a flare-up of eczema on my arms and hands. There aren’t many products I can use on my inflamed skin but I’ve found Calming Jojoba to be gentle enough to apply and it soothes the lingering redness.

In fact, the day the Calming Jojoba fell into my hot little hands, I was actually experiencing a reaction on my face to a skincare product. Something didn’t agree with my skin and left it feeling quite tight and a little red.

In an attempt to soothe my skin, I decided to try a little of the Calming Jojoba on one cheek and after a few minutes, it began to feel better — much less tight and the heat in the redness felt reduced. So good.

It’s a saviour for dry/sensitive/pissed off skin and is a product I’ll be keeping close by for the foreseeable. You can shop Calming Jojoba via The Jojoba Company for $39.95.

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