Go-To Skincare Has Relaunched Its Brother Brand Bro-To for All the Dudes

The last few weeks have been exciting for the team at Go-To. They recently released their advent calendar, the 12 Days of Go-To, as well as their brand spanking new body lotion product called Skin Party. Now, Go-To has relaunched its brother brand, Bro-To.

Bro-To was originally created after founder Zoë Foster Blake realised that her husband Hamish Blake kept stealing her Go-To products, so she rebranded a bunch of Go-To’s hero products in grey packaging and dubbed it Bro-To.

Now, the brand has officially relaunched today with the same great products albeit with snazzy new red and blue packaging. Bro-To fans will again be able to get their hands on Properly Clean (the cleanser that removes dirt, oil, sweat and sunscreen), Face Hero (a nourishing face oil that soothes skin and softens beards) and Very Useful Face Cream (a lightweight cream that hydrates and replenishes skin) with the signature Bro-To scent.

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Foster Blake celebrated the relaunch on Instagram, writing: “With the same bestselling formulas as Go-To, (no matter your age, stage, gender or skin type, our formulations and consistency of use WILL make a difference) but with the much-loved scent from the original Bro-To face cream now extended across the range, Bro-To has been given the glow-up he so badly needed. (Lest we forget he started his life as a hastily executed Father’s Day joke, the poor chap.)

“The packaging has been updated from dull grey because we are a company who deal in colour, and believe everyone should have some zing and pep in their bathroom. Bro-To’s Properly Clean bottle is made from 60% Ocean Waste Plastic, our cartons are 100% recycled carton packaging, and this is just the beginning.

“Friends, I have a singular goal in business: to make people feel confident and competent looking after their skin. I try to do this by offering very simple, very reliable, very effective products, and a variety of brands so that everyone can find a product they enjoy, relate to, and feel proud to use. I hope that within the family of Go-To, Bro-To and Gro-To, you find your match.”

While the Bro-To hero products are the same formulations found in the Go-To core collection, these have a signature Bro-To scent and the new packaging makes them perfect for those who prefer something a little less peachy and a little more spunky.

The Bro-To products can be purchased individually or you can grab all three in the Bro-To The Lot pack for $117, which comes with a neoprene travel bag and would make the perfect Christmas gift for the dudes in your life.

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