BONDS Launches Bloody Good Period Undies With the Help of Musicians Ali Barter and G Flip


BONDS has teamed up with some of Australia’s most well-known musicians to celebrate the release of its Bloody Comfy Period Undies — knickers that are leak-proof, comfortable and easy to wash.

The Bloody Comfy Period Undies by BONDS can replace all your sanitary products and be worn alone or with tampons and cups for added protection. There are three options to choose from — light, moderate and heavy — that come in five different underwear styles.

To help BONDS launch these eco-friendly knickers, G Flip and Ali Barter (as well as a bunch of other great musicians) have jumped on board the Live Life Unplugged campaign, which saw G Flip and Barter record an original song each.

“The first thing I did when I got the brief for the song was text my girlfriends and ask them what they felt on their periods, and we all had a good laugh on the group chat,” Barter told TheLatch—.

“I wanted to capture the way I forget every month that I’m getting my period and then I want to scream into my pillow and eat all the pies and them I’m like, ‘oh yeah, I’m getting my period’. It’s a swing between the sublime and the ridiculous some days!”


For both Barter and G Flip, working to reduce the stigma around periods was the driving factor taking part in the Live Life Unplugged campaign.

I love the Bloody Comfy Period Undies because they are exactly what I would’ve wanted as a teen,” G Flip said. “I hated tampons because I found them scary as a 15-year-old and pads were not comfy. This is a product I wish was around when I first got my period so I gladly joined the campaign.

“I think growing up I also was embarrassed to buy tampons or pads, I never wanted to do it. Now when I think back I’m embarrassed that I acted that way — periods are normal. it’s definitely something that we shouldn’t be ashamed of.”

Barter also remembers feeling similarly embarrassed by navigating her period as a teenager — something many of us can relate to.

“Oh, being a 14-year-old girl is just the pits!” she said. “Puberty sucks and I wish it didn’t. You are changing from a girl to a woman and it’s super uncomfortable. I mainly remember being at school and hiding tampons and having awkward conversations with my mum, who was super excited about it and I was really embarrassed.”


Reducing menstrual stigma starts with conversations and we all need to get better at talking about our period without shame. It might take a while to get used to speaking about it so openly, but it’s the easiest way to normalise it in society.

“Get more women talking about it and forget all this mythology around women being ‘unstable’ or ‘unclean’,” Barter said. “It’s so bloody normal and yes, life is a little heightened when one is one their period, but that’s because we have this incredible power surging through our bodies!”

G Flip is in agreeance: “If I’m having a shit day on my period I’m going to say it with no shame. There has been a stigma around periods for too long. It’s time to normalise it. I’m getting mine in a few days.”

BONDS Bloody Comfy Period Undies feature technology that neutralises bad odours while also offering leak-proof protection so you don’t have to worry about any surprise leaks. The undies are also moisture-wicking, which helps keep you dry and comfortable. And, by throwing on a pair of period undies, you’re helping to ease the burden of single-use sanitary items on the earth.

The Bloody Comfy Period Undies come in sizes ranging from six to 20 and can be found via the BONDS website, in all leading retailers nationwide and at Woolworths.

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